Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Raghav instigates Deshmukh’s against Pallavi

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghav says to Pallavi now that she got money and the shop for herself what else she wants from him. Vijay slaps Raghav and tells that Pallavi is his pride and even god come and tell him that Pallavi is lying he won’t believe. Raghav looks at Pallavi and asks that she didn’t lie to her father not even once? Pallavi asks what is he trying to say. Raghav says to Vijay that his dream, his pride, his life of Deshmukh’s Saree Emporium is in loss for the last two years. Everyone looks shocked. Raghav shows them the real account book to Vijay and tells that Pallavi is lying this and showing you a fake profit account.

Vijay looks at that and gets confused. Pallavi looks speechless. Raghav says Pallavi is trying to become the owner of the shop so she went to court also. Pallavi says Vijay that Raghav is lying and asks Raghav why is he lying, when she about to slap him Raghav stops and says that till now Pallavi tortured him a lot but now she hurt a people even God has to fight with me to hurt them. The Raghav goes to Sharda and asks the original document of the shop, Sharda says that she gives it to Pallavi and says Pallavi? Raghav goes and takes the document and says to everyone that he has that original document. Everyone looks shocked.

Pallavi asks Raghav that how could he have this document which she gives is to lawyer. Raghav says Saree Ka Dukhan You gave it to me that don’t you remember. Pallavi says this man is lying and asks Raghav what he thinks if he lies then her family will believe him. She goes to Sharda and says that Raghav is torturing her for the last one month, she is about to say but then she says that she gave this document to lawyer for Stay order. Then she asks Krishna to tell everyone. Krishna says to Vijay and Sharda that Raghav is lying. Raghav says Saree Ka Assistant am I lying? Then he tells that he will give one more proof and shows his phone. Everyone looks at the picture and gets shocked.

Raghav says everyone know about this news. Everyone told so many bad things against me but not even once he revealed the girls name now he is going to reveal it. Raghav says the person in the photo with him is none other than Pallavi. Pallavi slaps him and says how dare you? Dont even say a single word? Raghav questions why truth is hurting?and says that this is the first time that he is doing this to a girl. Because everyday Pallavi’s lies are becoming too much also her toxic behaviour.

Raghav says that whayever Pallavi does to him is okay but to her family their self Respect is most important now she is trying to snatch that from them. Pallavi says that whatever Raghav saying is a lie. Vijay asks her to stop. Raghav says it’s not him who is a liar it’s her and says if she needed money she could have asked him. Vijay cries. Raghav leaves the place.

Raghav comes outside then looks at the house and remembers his mother and sisters state in prison and says this insult you get it for yourself for what you did to my family Pallavi Deshmukh then leaves the Place. In the house Pallavi goes to Vijay and says that Raghav is lying and asks him to believe her. Pallavi says that she is going to pay Emi of twelve months for the shop, tomorrow the papers will also get ready. Pallavi shows and says that she even signed Only the first page not the entire document and asks Vijay to believe her. Sulochana asks Pallavi that they need to believe her. Does she even know the meaning of trust? In this house big drama happened even after this do you ask us to believe you. Then Sulochana asks Everyone that she is saying right thing Only? Because when it comes to Amruta everyone was against her now what happened. Then she goes to Mansi and asked her that Mansi loved Pallavi a lot but she snatched her love from her and acting like Pallavi is helping Mansi. Sulochana asks Sharda niw what happened.

Sharda says Sulochana but Vijay asks her to stop. Then Vijay questions Pallavi is she lied to him about the shop? Pallavi says after Mandar’s death Vijay got heart attack and the shop is in loss. So she took loan from market. Later it became too much but now everything is getting back to normal. Vijay asks her to reply only for his question then he asked is she lied or not. Pallavi says yes. Vijay pushes Pallavi down.

When Nikhil about to help Pallavi Vijay stops him. Then Vijay says to Pallavi that for money and fame she stopped so low, she failed to meet everyone’s need she thrown her Respect away, instead of accepting defeat that she ruined everyone’s respect. When Milind tries to stop Vijay, Sulochana stops him saying because of Pallavi only their daughter Life bcm like this. Vijay says to Pallavi that she did everything to get the shop for herself so now he decides to take all the rights from her then he destroys the agreement. Pallavi fell on the ground and begs Vijay to not to say that she does this to them, she will ready to accept every punishment he gave her then cries. Vijay looks at her.

Precap: Sharda gives the mangalsutra to Vijay and says a mother will alwayts choose her child over everyone. When Sharda and Nikhil about to leave the house Vijay warns him saying if they leave they will see his dead body. Somewhere Pallavi queations Raghhav why he did this to her and says whatever he did he will pay for that

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