Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 24th July 2021 Written Update: Sunny and Keerti ruins Raghav and Pallavi’s celebration of love

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 24th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghav and Pallavi confesses their love for each other and hug. The worker knocks and asks Pallavi what they have to cook for dinner. Pallavi asks the worker is Jaya doesn’t told them anything. He says yes. Raghav tells the worker to prepare dinner in Maharastrian food also ask the worker to tell everyone to get ready in Maharastrian style because they have to celebrate then both Raghav and Pallavi smiles at each other.

Keerti tells Sunny that she is so happy now he is free from the allegations because Mandar is alive also she tells the one thing that bothering her the most is Jaya is also not even Caring about her own daughter’s happiness and choosing Pallavi’s side. Sunny tells unless they dont get engaged this will happen and listening to Pallavi’s words they will try to separate them so they have to do something. Keerti looks at Sunny. Farhad instructs Raghav how to wear a Doti in Maharastrian style but Raghav argues saying in that video the instructions given are wrong. Pallavi comes there and tells that she will handle this and asks Farhad to leave. Farhad leaves.

Raghav tells Pallavi that he will wear this by himself. Pallavi tells for that he needs experience then decides to help him. Raghav jokes that she must be sold Doti’s with Saree but Pallavi tells she belongs to Marathi family so she knows how to wear Doti’s. Then she helps Raghav wear Doti. Raghav tells I Love You. Pallavi smiles at him. Raghav repeats and loudly says that he loves her again and again. Pallavi tells Raghav that someone might hear.

Raghav asks so what is that wrong to say to his wife that he loves her. Pallavi says no and then tells when they are inside their room they will say each other I Love You and when they are surrounded by other people they will use a sign language and talk about the film where the hero heroine puts their finger on their face. Raghav asks Pallavi to do that again. Pallavi repeats Raghav calls her cute and he also repeats the sign then they both smiles at each other.

Vijay shows Mandar his Childhood pictures and says that Sharda kept it safe. Mandar thinks about the earlier incident and gets angry thinking about Raghav’s words and leaves the place. Vishnu tells Vijay whenever he gets angry he does this he will calm him down.

Sulochana goes and tells Vijay anyone react this way only when their wife leaves them alone for their second husband. Pallavi goes to Jaya’s room and tells her that they both and Keerti will get ready in Maharastrian style and she will help them but Jaya asks Pallavi to leave Keerti they both will get ready together. Pallavi agrees. Vishnu asks Mandar is he crazy why he is not seeing his family’s happiness after seeing him.

Mandar tells in the past two years the only thing that given some meaning in his life is the name Pallavi and today when he learns everything he cant able to have that person also he knows the family loves him so much but he cant able to feel anything all he wants is Pallavi. Vishnu tells that they have to wait until the DNA report arrives. Mandar tells once the DNA reports comes he will bring Pallavi to this house the same way Raghav took her with him. Mansi overhears and thinks that she has to share this Happy news to her mother.

Jaya and Keerti comes to the hall and then Keerti tells everything is perfect for what his about to happen. Jaya Asia what is she talking about. Keerti lies that she is talking about the dinner. Raghav comes there. Jaya blesses him. Farhad comes and gets praises from Raghav and Jaya for the decorations.

Pallavi comes downstairs and then she and Raghav signs at each other they are looking great then Raghav signs her I Love Yoy but before she does Jaya comes there. Then they all gets interrupted by the sound of dhol. Farhad tells Raghav that he didnt arranged this. Keerti happily dances and then Sunny enters the house. Everyone gets shocked. Raghav gets angry and tries to harm him but Keerti interrupts and tells that he has to let her live her Happy life or else he has to face the consequences.

Everyone gets shocked. Jaya asks Keerti how could she threaten her brother like this. Sunny apologises to Jaya on behalf of Keerti and asks Keerti’s hand for marriage. Pallavi calms down Raghav and then says to Sunny that they are going to have family dinner after that they can talk about this. Keerti invites Sunny for the dinner saying he is also part of the family.

Everyone goes to the dining room. Raghav asks Pallavi to wait that he has something Special for her and goes inside the room. Pallavi gets a call from Vijay and leaves the place thinking there is something went wrong in Deshmukh’s house. Raghav comes a d asks Where is Pallavi to which Sunny tells that Mandar is back now so Pallavi’s priority is her first husband she went to meet him. Raghav’s gift falls from his hand and he stares ahead.

Precap: Raghav tells Pallavi that he thinks that the Deshmukh’s are going to use her goodness and going to separate them. Pallavi tells that from today no one not even a air wont let them separate and tells that she loves him. Mandar tells that people may think that they can do anything but he knows what to do to bring Pallavi back. The doctor tells that she has taken the sample and Mandar has to wait for three days for the result. Mandar marks the date in the calendar and tells in that day he will show Raghav his real place.

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