Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Mandar thanks Raghav

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Keerti tells Mandar that his anger is not only about he lost his memory also lost his love Pallavi and she totally understand what he must be going through. She would do anything to make Pallavi realise her love for him. Mandar asks Keerti why she wanted to go against his brother and help him. Keerti tells because they did so much to her and Sunny they both dont even care about true love and tells that she knows she and Sunny did a wrong thing to him but now they both wants to help him. Mandar looks at Keerti.

Raghav and Pallavi takes Lots of photos then they both tells each other they are lucky to have the other person in their life. Pallavi kisses Ragav in his cheek then hugs him. Jaya Pallavi and Raghav looks at the pictures they have taken. Mandar calls Pallavi and says to her that Raghav sent him a picture. Pallavi asks Raghav to which Raghav tells now that Mandar became part of the family so he shared their selfie to him. Mandar then asks Pallavi to thank Raghav because of him he recalled their marriage. Pallavi gets happy and tells Raghav.

Raghav smiles at her. Mandar then asks Pallavi to come to the Deshmukh’s house to see their marriage album. Pallavi asks Raghav’s permission to which Raghav says okay also asks her to change her clothes then leave. Pallavi informs Mandar that she is on her way. Raghav puts a tracker on Pallavi’s bag. Pallavi comes out of the washroom and gets scared seeing Raghav then she leaves the place. Raghav tells that he is sorry for whatever doing to Pallavi his intention is not to track her but he has to do this because of Mandar.

Mandar brings Sharda and makes her sit. Sharda gets shocked seeing Pallavi. Mandar tells that he recalled one of their marriage ritual then asks Pallavi to come closer to Sharda. Mandar looks at their reflection and tells they have done this ritual on their wedding right. Pallavi gets uncomfortable. Sulochana explains the ritual which irritates Pallavi and Sharda so they both glares at Sulochana.

Mandar says to Pallavi looking ar her through the reflection on the mirror that she is Special to him that’s why he is recalling his past one by one. Sharda throws the mirror and takes Pallavi inside the house. Pallavi asks Sharda what happened. Sharda tells Pallavi why she is not understanding that her responsibilities to this house was over the moment she bring back Mandar, why not she is thinking what will happen if after Mandar regain his memory fully and want to be with her.

Pallavi asks Sharda to not to worry saying that she and Raghav loves each other and both Raghav and Mandar knows that whatever she is doing is based on humanity also for the sake Friendship nothing else. She then goes out and sess Mandar is upset he also asks Pallavi to go to her house saying Sharda is not liking all this but Pallavi tells it’s because she is worried about both of them then tells him that they can spend time outside. Mandar asks Pallavi to inform. Pallavi informs Raghav who tells her that he never stopped her from doing all this. Then both Pallavi and Mandar goes to a restaurant Raghav follows them.

Milind asks why there is broken pieces of mirror in the hall. Sulochana tells its Madars broken heart. Milind asks Sharda what’s the problem if Pallavi helps Mandar to recall his past. Sharda tells Milind that everyone is worried about Mandar but no one care about Raghav’s feelings. Pallavi gets happy seeing Raghav in the restaurant so he goes to him the latter tells that his meeting is over so he came here. Raghav asks Mandar is Pallavi is doing her job properly to which Pallavi say yes even today Mandar recalled one of their wedding ritual.

Raghav tells it’s weird that Mandar is recalling his past related to Pallavi only that too Only Pallavi is with him. Mandar tells it’s because they had Special relationship. Raghav tells it’s the past which has no values. Mandar tells past is the reason of their today and future then he tells the person who is meant for their life will never leave them. Raghav holds Pallavis hand and says that’s why Pallavi become a part of his life.

Pallavi gets confused and asks is she not aware about anything. Raghav tells that they both are just talking randomly then Mandar excuses himself and leaves the place. Raghav thinks about Mandar’s challenge and says to himself already three days left so he cant do anything and smiles. Mandar comes out of the restaurant and says that Raghav is flying too high but he has four more days so he will surely win this challenge.

Precap: Pallavi finds a tracker in her bag and wonders who puts in her bag. She then asks Keerti why she is looking Raghav like that. Keerti tells that she thinks Raghav knows the answer. Pallavi asks Keerti how Raghav knows the answer. Keerti tells because its Raghav who puts the tracker in her bag and asks Raghav to tell the truth. Raghav tells yes its him. Pallavi gets shocked. Raghav tears Mandar’s shirt and warns him not to act infront of him he then asks Pallavi to not to believe Mandar’s drama. Pallavi lashes out at Raghav. Raghav gets hurt hearing Pallavi’s words. Mandar enters the Deshmukh’s house and falls to the ground. Vijay and Sharda gets shocked.

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