Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Raghav ruins Pallavi’s surprise for him.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Milind and Sharda takes Vijay to the house. Sharda asks Amruta to bring water for Vijay. Sharda thanks god then gives him water to drink. Vijay cries then hugs Sharda. Milind asks him to take care of him and says to take some rest. Sharda takes Vijay to his room. Amruta gives some envelope to Milind saying someone gave this. Sharda opens the envelope then gets shocked. Sharda says Pallavi is really stupid. Milind asks Sharda what happened.

Jaya asks Pallavi then Police left your father. Pallavi says to Jaya that’s the reason she wants to thank Raghav and ask Jaya how to thank Raghav. Jaya says that she don’t know. Pallavi asks what happened to her. Jaya says to Pallavi that she isn’t feeling good. Pallavi says to Jaya that she heard after getting tattoo everyone will feel little low so ask Jaya to take some rest then leaves the room.

Jaya wonders how come Jayti Jewellers necklace was found in Deshmukh’s house. Milind asks Sharda to not to take decision for someone wrote something on this envelope. Milind says to Sharda that now only she started talking to Pallavi so asks her not to ruin this by doubting on her. Raghav says to Farhad that he wants to know who is behind all this.

Sharda says to Milind that he is right even she heard someone opened and closed the door in middle of the night. Milind says to Sharda family members only have house keys. Mansi comes there and asks is Pallavi still has house keys. Milind asks Sharda. Sharda nods her head yes. Farhad asks Raghav to not to worry that he will find the person soon. Pallavi comes and asks Raghav that she wants talk to Farhad. Raghav asks Farhad to go. Pallavi asks Farhad that what kind of dessert Raghav likes the most.

Farhad gets surprised and asks Pallavi is she saying the truth. Pallavi says to Farhad that she wants to thank Raghav for helping her but she doesnt know what Raghav likes. Farhad asks Pallavi did she thought about anything. Pallavi says that she planned to make cake but she is worried if suppose that rude Raghav doesn’t like cake then he will throw it on her face. Farhad says to Pallavi that Raghav never do such things. Pallavi asks Farhad that now in mango season then why not she make mango cake for Raghav. Farhad says to Pallavi that Raghav dont like mangoes and asks Pallavi to make Protien cake.

Pallavi says after eating this Raghav is going to be behind her back and listened to her words. Farhad says to Pallavi even now Raghav is thinking about her Only and he is determined to make everything normal in your life. Pallavi gets happy hearing Farhad words. Raghav calls Farhad. Farhad says to Pallavi that he is leaving now otherwise Raghav will get angry. Sharda warns everyone to not to tell this to Vijay. Sharda puts the envelope inside. Mansi looks at Sharda.

Sunny stops Keerti and asks her why she isn’t answering her calls. Keerti says to Sunny that she dont want to have any relationship with the person who doesnt know how to respect her family members. Sunny taunts Keerti that she is now Raghav Rao’s sister and showing attitude but before she dont even want to have any relationship with her brother but after money came in her life she Forget all this. Keerti enters the house.

Raghab says to Keerti that he is waiting for her Only and asks her to come inside. Pallavi makes the protein cake. The worker praises Pallavi for the cake. Pallavi acts like Raghav and says after eating this cake Raghav will ask her to do his breakfast, lunch and dinner and laughs. Raghav asks Keerti to select something for her birthday present. Keerti recalls Sunny’s words and says that she dont want anything.

Raghav says to Keerti that after so long they are going to celebrate his sisters birthday even he is planning to arrange a huge birthday party for her. Keerti shouts Raghav to stop his drama. Keerti then says that she and Jaya is here only for Pallavi and not for him. Keerti says still they are ashamed to known by everyone that they are related to Raghav Rao.

Keerti says to Raghav that he dosnt know about any relationship values and asks Raghav did he Forget how he bought his and Pallavi’s relationship. Raghav slaps Keerti and says that did she really think like this about him and says that he is happy to be with his family. Keerti cries and leaves the place saying being here suffocates the most. Raghav asks Farhad to leave the place. Farhad leaves. Pallavi arranges everything and says that Raghav must get surprised to see this arrangements and looks at the clock then decides to wait for him.

Keeri comes to Jaya’s room and cries. Jaya asks Keerti what happened l. Keerti says to Jaya that she dont want to live here. Jaya says to Keerti even she dont want to but she cant break Pallavi’s trust for Raghav. Jaya then says to Keerti that Jayti Jewelrys one of the necklace is found in Vijays house. Keerti gets shocked. Jaya says even she is also thinking what Keerti is thinking and this time it’s done by Raghav then he will regret this forever. Pallavi wakes up from her sleep and looks at the clock and found its past one am and wonders where is Raghav. Raghav comes there in a drunken state. Raghav looks st the cake and says that middle class people have this problem and says that he is a bad person then why she wants to talk to him or thank him. Raghav then throws his Jacket at the cake. Pallavi gets shocked and looks at Raghav.

Precap: Pallavi supports Raghav Raghav infront of everyone. Raghav gets surprised. Pallavi push Raghav to take shower. Raghav pulls her towards him and asks her not to leave him ever.

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