Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 31st July 2021 Written Update: Raghav arranges a wedding photoshoot

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 31st July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghav asks Pallavi what is she thinking about Mandar. Pallavi tells even she wants what he wants to happen. Raghav gets confused so Pallavi asks him to relax. She then tells now she wants Mandar to regain his memory soon. Today seeing this bangle Mandar recalled a part of his past even Dr.Ramaiya asks her to spend more time with Mandar. A person who lost memory will act the way Mandar does because there must be so much confusion going on. So she wants Mandar to regain his memory soon so that they all can able to move on in their life. Raghav asks Pallavi what if Mandar gets to know how much he loved her.

Pallavi says to Raghav that she will make him remember his love for her which changed her as a person now she is. Raghav and Pallavi hugs each other. Mandar sends a message saying tomorrow he will make her wear a saree which he buys her. Mandar tells Deshmukh’s that he recalled that on his wedding night he goes to meet the jeweller to bring the bangle he ordered for Pallavi but he met with an accident.

Sulochana encourages Mandar to spend more time with Pallavi. Sharda gets angry. Mandar tells he is tired and then leaves the place. Sharda tells Sulochana that this is her final warning if she dont stop misleading then she knows how to stop her. Sulochana tells Sharda that Mandar is the one who told that he is recalling his past by spending time with Pallavi so what is wrong in asking him to spend time with Pallavi.

Vijay agrees with Sulochana saying let Mandar spend time with Pallavi but Sharda tells that Mandar spend few months with Pallavi but with his family he spend his entire life then why cant they help Mandar recall his memory. Sharda tells Sulochana when her and Milind wedding happened Mandar was only five dont she think she can able to help Mandar then she asks Vijay to fulfill his responsibilities as a father which he never did and asks them to let live Pallavi live her life.

Raghav gets a nightmare that Mandar is trying to put the mangalsutra on Pallavi then wakes up and look at Pallavi who sleeps peacefully beside him. Raghav recalls Mandars words then he looks at the bangle and decides to take that from Pallavis hand first the decides not to. In the morning Jaya orders the cook what they have to do and sees some people coming inside the house so asks who are they.

Raghav tells its him who called them. Pallavi asks Raghav for what purpose to which Raghav saya for their wedding photoshoot. Pallavi gets shocked and asks Raghav what is he saying that they have to arrange so much for this shw has to buy dresses and matching jewellery but because of this she will be the one who look average.

Raghav asks Pallavi to stop talking non stop then tells that he arranged everything even bought her dresses too. Both Pallavi and Jaya gets shocked thinking about the Vat Savitri puja saree. Raghav asks Pallavi why she is looking like this then tells that one time he messed up but after that he bought her a black dress and red saree to so why she is acting like a typical wife who always thinks about what their husband did wrong. Pallavi tells Jaya to get ready then they all can take a family pictures too.

Jaya agrees. Raghav takes Pallavi to her room. Jaya stops Keerti but she tells she dont want to be a part of any of this nonsense then leaves the place. Raghav brings Pallavi to the room. Pallavi gets happy seeing all the dresses and jewelry that Raghav bought for her then she jokes at Raghav saying he must have taken help of the female employee in that shoe but Raghav tella that he always selects the best.

Pallavi comes out of the room wearing the saree which Raghav bought for her. Raghav goes nearby her then they both share a romantic moment together. Then Raghav helps Pallavi get ready. Raghav removes the bangle which Mandar gifter to her. Jaya comes to the hall and gets seeing that Raghav and Pallavi is already posing for the pictures then praises how beautiful Beautiful Pallavi looks also tells Raghav that the only right decision he has taken is to marry Pallavi. Raghav tells when he has some good qualities that’s why Pallavi accepted him then they all takes a selfie. Raghav sends the picture to Mandar with a voice note.

Mandar sees the picture and hears Raghav’s voice note in which he asks him to see Pallavi’s hand there is not his bangle which he gifted for her. Keerti goes to meet Mandar and apologises to him for leaving him that night but Mandar tells her apology is not going to change anything in his life and decides to leave the place but stops when Keerti tells that she do understand the pain of him because Pallavi is not with him. Mandar and Keerti looks at each other.

Precap: Raghav Pallavi and Jaya poses also takes picture of some funny moments. Mandar looks at himself Sharda and Pallavi in the mirror and says they have done the same in their marriage as a part of their ritual right. Sharda gets angry and throws the mirror away. Mandar gets shocked. Raghav Pallavi and Mandar meets. Raghav tells it’s weird that Mandar is only regaining his memory when he is with Pallavi only.

Mandar tells that some relationship are Special also the person who is for them wont leave them neither he let them go. Pallavi gets shocked. Mandar enters his house with a torn cloth and falls to the ground unconsciously. Dr.Ramaiya tells that Pallavi has to stay with Mandar for his well being or else Mandar will not recover. Sharda gets shocked.

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