Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Raghav asks Pallavi to not to leave him

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghav says to Pallavi that he forget he is a bad person and Pallavi dont talk to bad person’s. Raghav then ask Pallavi why she is doing this drama and throws the jacket on Pallavi’s Pallavi’s surprise cake. Raghav asks Pallavi she hates him so much right then why she is here and asks her to leave the house. Raghav then says to Pallavi that no one wants to live with him.

Raghav then calls himself as an evil then says an evil will ruin the life of those who lives with an evil so asks Pallavi to leave the house. Raghav then asks Pallavi why she is still waiting for here and throws money at her for the cake calling her as a middle class person who has middle class mentality. Raghav then sees Pallavi isn’t leaving the room so he decides to sleep outside but falls to the ground. Pallavi asks him to wake up then makes him stand up. Raghav asks Pallavi to not to touch him. Pallavi thinks that she needs to make him come out of his drunken state. Raghav asks Pallavi where is she taking him.

Pallavi brings Raghav to the washroom. Pallavi asks Raghav to stop his blabbering then says that he is right about one thing that she is indeed a middle class women and middle class women won’t leave a drunken man in this state then Pallavi pushed Raghav in a shower room but Raghav just stands there so Pallavi opens the pipe for him. Raghav stops Pallavi and pulls her towards him. Raghav then says to Pallavi that he dont want to stay alone and asks her not to leave him. Pallavi looks at Raghav.

In the morning Raghav asks his worker to close the curtain. Pallavi comes there and signs the worker to leave. Raghav sees Pallavi then uses his blanket to cover himself. Raghav asks Pallavi who changed his clothes. Pallavi greets Raghav good morning and asks him to have the lemonade saying it will help his hangover. Raghav asks Pallavi what happened in the night. Pallavi asks Raghav why all boys in the world have one thing on their mind only and says to Raghav that his clothes were wet if she let him sleep like that he will catch cold so she decides to change the clothes.

Raghav asks Pallavi who changed his clothes. Pallavi acts like blushing and sits on the bed. Raghav questions Pallavi why she is blushing. Pallavi then says to Raghav that Farhad is the one who changed his clothes. Raghav says thank god. Pallavi asks Raghav that he is okay with a man changing his clothes. Raghav says to Pallavi that his mind is not something which will go in both tracks like hers. Raghav then calls himself rude arrogant person.

Pallavi tells he is insensitive too. Raghav says to Pallavi that he knows. Pallavi says to Raghav that he has to change then says that she has already seen him change a better person before so until she is here she will try her best to change him as a better person. Raghav standup nearby Pallavi and asks If he changed as a better person will she stay here with him forever. Pallavi gets shocked then says she has work to do so leaves the room.

Sharda asks Amruta to give her the clothes to wash. Amruta says that she will give her later. Sharda then sees her the blouse in which she puts the letter and starts searching. Mansi looks at Sharda. Milind asks Sharda what happened. Sharda says that the letter is missing. Milind says that she must have put it in her room. Sharda worries that Vijay might have read the letter.

Keerti gets a call from her boss but she thought it’s her boyfriend then gets upset. Jaya comes to her room and asks Keerti how is she. Keerti says that she is feeling better now and takes Jaya’s hand and thanks her for the tattoo. Pallavi comes there and says to Jaya she did surprised Keerti with this kind of thinking and says to Keerti to have a good kind of friends. Pallavi then asks Jaya is she now okay and asks her why she was worried so much yesterday.

Sharda asks about Vijays well being then says to Pallavi that she has to be Smart enough when she lives with someone like Raghav. Pallavi recalls everything related to Vijays arrest and how he forced her to marry her by Nikhil’s arrest. Farhad says to Raghav that Pallavi made his favorite cake to surprise him but he ruined everything. Raghav says to Farhad after the way Keerti behaved with him he drunk so much so he didnt remember anything. Farhad explains to Raghav whatever happened. Jaya misunderstands and asks Farhad to leave Raghav’s bedroom and talk to him in study room. Raghav and Farhad gets confused then Farhad leaves. Raghav wonders what happened to Jaya.

Vijay comes to the house angrily and says that everyone is talking about his arrest only. Sharda asks Vijay to calm down saying this is how the society is. Mansi asks Sharda that there is jo need to hide anything from Vijay and asks Vijay the big in which the necklace was found who gave the bag to him. Milind says Raghav. Mansi then asks Sharda even she heard someone trying to get inside the house in the night obviously it must be Raghav because he is a tenant who has keys. Everyone gets shocked.

Precap: Raghav says to Pallavi that he has a surprise for her then gives her a cup cake. Pallavi takes it from Raghav then looks at him. Pallavi says to everyone that this time nothing can break her trust she has for Raghav.

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