Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 3rd May 2021 Written Update: Keerti requests Jaya to not to ruin Pallavi and Raghav’s life

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 3rd May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghav goes nearby Pallavi they both look at eachother. Raghav says to Pallavi till date he helped her a lot then why she didn’t come to him for help today. Pallavi holds Raghav’s collar. Raghav removes Pallavi’s hand and asks isn’t her mom taught her to behave properly in the public and says that he forgives her this time because he understands that she is thinking about his brother but next time not to repeat the mistake.

Raghav says that he knows everyone in this system showing his pocket to Pallavi then says that Pallavi is intelligent that’s why she get to know about Harish, now all she has to do is agree to the marriage. Pallavi asks Raghav that means you are the one who behind all this? And questions why he is doing this when they both hate Eachother. She then asks Raghav that he told her that he has some reasons and asks what is he getting from this marriage. Raghav says that Pallavi dont need to know his benefits behind the marriage and tells how much he is making her desperate that much desperate he is also.

Pallavi says to Raghav that he may made her desperate but not weak and tells him to come out of his illusion that she will ask him help and says that she will save his brother at any cost. Pallavi then says that Raghav can’t understand because his own family Raghav put his hands on Pallavi and warns her not to say anything. Raghav says to Pallavi that he will wait for her call and says that unfortunately she has to marry him. Then Raghav warns Pallavi not to say about this to Jaya and Keerti otherwise she has to forget her brother forever then leaves. Milind gives water to Pallavi. Pallavi gets a call from Sharda and Sharda cries saying Vijays nane.

Keerti asks Raghav he bring sweet because he is thinking that she and Jaya will shift to his house tomorrow. Raghav says yes. Keerti says to Raghav that he Forget Jaya’s condition. Raghav says to Keerti that he is fulfilling his mothers condition only. Keerti asks Raghav that he asked Pallavi about the marriage and Pallavi also agreed to you? Then Keerti says that Raghav might be put Pallavi in a situation where she had no other options.

Raghav says everything is fair in love and war. Keerti says there is no Love and no war in this. Raghav says to him it’s a war with himself, his alone days, his guilt and he would go to any extent to bring his mother and sister back to his life. Jaya sees Raghav’s hand and asks Pallavi agree for the marriage? Raghav says Jaya to be ready to come to the house in next 24 hours. Keerti asks Jaya to take back her condition because she is sure that Raghav muust be put Pallavi in a place where she has no other options. Keerti asks Jaya not to ruin two people’s lives. All three of them look at Eachother. Pallavi and Milind comes to the hospital.

Sharda says that Vijay asked about Nikhil and he doubts when I tried to divert the topic and suddenly he became breathless and then doctor take him to treat. Pallavi looks at the treatment going on. Doctor comes outside and says that Vijay had a mild attack but he is now perfectly alright and asks them to not to stress Vijay and leaves. Pallavi says to Sharda to not to worry Vijay will be alright. Sharda says that when Vijay wakes up he will ask about Nikhil. Pallavi says that Nikhil will get a bail before evening and she is working on that only.

Raghav sits in his house. Farhad comes and puts some documents. Raghav asks about Nikhil. Farhad says that Nikhil is perfectly alright he is checking up with the Inspector every one hour. Farhad then asks did Raghav gets a call from Pallavi? Raghav says that Pallavi will call him for sure. Pallavi goes to the police station and shows Justice for Nikhil campaign and says that people will started supporting him and more people will support when she tells everyone that Raghav Rao is behind everything and the Inspector is acting as per Raghav’s words and putting innocent people in a jail.

Constable takes food to Nikhil. Inspector stops and says that unless until Pallavi will not delete the video and stop the online campaign not to give Nikhil a single drop of water. Inspector then asks Pallavi to stop everything. Pallavi deletes and warns Inspector sayimg that she will bail his brother soon and asks the Inspector not to harm him. Raghav gets a call he attends and says tell Saree ka dukhan but the Inspector who called him says that its him and tells about Pallavis campaign about Nikhil’s justice. Raghav asks the Inspector not to worry he will take care of everything. Milind says to Pallavi that no one is accepting this case and then says that he needs to go to the hospital and leaves.

Pallavi and Krishna sits infront of a tea shop. Pallavi gets a call from Sharda. Sharda says that Vijay wakes up but he is refused to eat saying until he meet Nikhil he will not eat anything. Pallavi says to Sharda that she is trying her best. Sharda says that she knows Pallavi bur then again she is a mother and definitively gets worried especially after Mandars death that she has no strength left.

Pallavi says that she will bring Nikhil outside of the prison. Krishna says to Pallavi that she has a cousin who knows a lot of lawyers they will ask saying definitely he will help them. Pallavi says that she has no more time and she has only one options left. Raghav gets a call from Pallavi and goes to meet her. Raghav and Pallavi meet Eachother.

Raghav asks Pallavi is she ready for the marriage, she remembers her and Krishna’s conversation where Krishna says to Pallavi not to marry Raghav saying he will ruin her life. Pallavi says that she is tired of fighting in a right way. Krishna motivates Pallavi sayimg that she is a warrior. Pallavi says that this marriage is not that bad. Raghav may try to suffocate her through this marriage but she will change him to a good person. Pallavi says to Raghav that for him this marriage is a deal then be it that way. Raghav looks at Pallavi.

The episode ends.

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