Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 4th June 2021 Written Update: Pallavi takes stand for Raghav

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 4th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mansi says to Vijay it’s all that Raghav’s plan but don’t know why Sharda is hiding this from him. Mansi then says to Sharda that she has taken it from her dress when she went to freshen up. Vijay asks Sharda that she knows this yesterday but why did she hide it from him. Sharda says that she dont want to make him worry much.

Mansi says that Raghav threatened Pallavi and married her and asks to bring Pallavi to this house. Mansi further says how long they all are going to tolerate Raghav’s doings why not they complaint against Raghav. Milind asks Mansi to stop it. Vijay says that he wont leave Raghav this time and leaves the house. Sharda and Milind goes behind him.

Mansi says that how come she let Pallavi live her married life happily when she destroyed her life. Krishna calls Pallavi and asks when she need to come to work on the Nawab’s order. Pallavi asks Krishna to come to the house then turns around to find Raghav there and gets surprised. Raghav says to Pallavi that he has a surprise for her then givew her a cup cake and says that he ruined her surprise for him for that he is really sorry also asks Pallavi to surprise him with a cake next time when she feels that he deserves it. Raghav then helps Pallavi to take the dishes to the dining room.

Raghav asks Keerti to give him the juice. Keerti looks at him angrily. Raghav looks at Keerti then takes the bottle by himself. Pallavi sees their exchange and about to ask what happened Vijay and family comes inside and security tries to stop them. Jaya asks security to leave then asks Vijay and the family members to have a seat. Vijay tells Jaya that he is not here for that. Pallavi asks Vijay what happened. Vijay stops Pallavi and says that he is here to talk to Raghav then asks Raghav is he think that he is a god and he can destroy anyone’s life if they dont listen to his words.

Vijay then asks Raghav why he ego doesn’t approve when someone raises their voice against him. Vijay then says that he wont leave Raghav thjs time. Raghav asks Vijay is his family doesn’t know how to thank a person from who they get help. Vijay throws the letter at Raghav and asks him do he need to thank him for putting him behind the bar. Raghav gets shocked at Vijays words then looks at Pallavi. Pallavi takes the letter and reads it. Raghav warns Vijay for unwantedly blaming him.

Vijay says to Raghav that he will destroy him. Raghav shouts at Vijay and says that he respects him only because he is Pallavi’s father. Jaya asks Raghav to shut up then asks him to accept his mistake. Raghav says to Jaya that he didnt done anything. Jaya says that she wish it’s the truth but its not then says that he did the same to Pallavi to marry her now he did this to stop Pallavi from leaving the house. Raghav gets hurt.

Jaya says to Vijay that she dont know what to say and apologises to him. Vijay says that he dont want any apology.
Jaya asks Vijay what can she do in which his bitterness will be less. Vijay says that he dont want his daughter to stay with Raghav any more. Everyone gets shocked. Raghav gets angry but doesn’t say anything. Vijay takes Pallavis hand then drags her outside.

Pallavi recalls how Vijay throw her out of the house then stops. Vijay looks back at Pallavi. Pallavi goes and stands with Raghav which shocks everyone. Pallavi says that her husband didn’t do any of this. Raghav looks at Pallavi. Pallavi says that Raghav is someone who will not go behind the other person and fight with them whatever it is he will do it infront of the person and he will Proudly accept it also.

Pallavi then says to Vijay that anyone can write such letters and says this time she once again going to support Raghav because she knows he didnt done this. Vijay accuses Pallavi that she once again proved that she never considered the Deshmukh’s as their family members. Pallavi says to Vijay that she is with Raghav because she knows he is not wrong. Vijay warns Raghav saying just because Pallavi is with him doesn’t mean that he will leave him for what he did to him then threatens to put him behind the bars then leaves the house. Sharda and Milind also follows Vijay.

Precap: Krishna tells Pallavi that she is Happy seeing Pallavi is Supporting someone apart from Deshmukh’s. Pallavi says to Krishna that she isnt in love. Krishna says that she didnt say anything like that. Raghav tells Farhad that most of the Mother’s may not be live with their sons but they always supports their children but here his mother is with him but she doesn’t support him. Pallavi asks Jaya what Raghav did in the past for that he is not getting his mother’s love. Jaya says something about Raghav’s father then looks at Pallavi.

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