Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 5th June 2021 Written Update: Pallavi finds the culprits intention is to create a rift between Raghav and Deshmukh’s

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 5th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vijay leaves the house saying that Raghav will go to jail this time for sure. Pallavi apologises to Raghav on behalf of Vijay and says that she knows he didn’t do this. Raghav asks Pallavi why she trust him this much.

Pallavi says to Raghav because she knows Raghav won’t do these things and says that she will prove it. Raghav tells Pallavi after that night this is the first time Vijay is ready to forgive her and take her to the house, she is expecting this day for so long then why didnt she used this opportunity. Pallavi says to Raghav that she can’t snatch his family away to have her own family own happiness especially when for the first time Raghav helped someone without any hidden meaning.

Raghav gets emotional then Pallavi goes to her room. Raghav thinks about Vijay’s words then goes to the room. Farhad comes there and says that the paper for Nawab family’s deal is ready. Raghav signs the paper then recalls Jaya’s words then cries. Raghav then says to Farhad that he thought staying under one roof will make everyone understand and love each other more but it’s all his illusion.

Raghav says to Farhad that he never thought for his one mistake he has to be punished without his mother’s love for his entire life. Raghav then says to Farhad that he tortured Pallavi so much but she is the one trusted him today and he dont know whether to get sad because Jaya is not trusting him or gets happy because Pallavi is supporting him. Farhad says that he has to be happy because Pallavi trusted him over everything.

Pallavi in her room wonders why did she trusted Raghav when every proof is against him. Pallavi looks at herself in the mirror and says that Raghav is someone who can do anything and doesnt care about the outcome then why she trusted him. Krishna comes there and says to Pallavi because this time she is listening to her heart. Vijay tells Mansi that he is fool to listen to her words to bring Pallavi back but she refuses to come back. Mansi asks how come Pallavi says no to come here and asks is not she the sensible one. Sharda asks them to stop saying talking like this is not going to give them any solution.

Vijay says to Sharda if the same happened to her then she wont say such things and asks her why she has problem with whatever Mansi is saying. Both Sharda and Vijay gets into an argument. Sharda says that she will support her daughter Pallavi. Mansi says that if she went to Kolhapur then she must have lived as a widow but now she is acting like someone who can get anything everything after married to Raghav. Pallavi says to Krishna that she dont understand anything but she wants to support Support Raghav.

Krishna asks Pallavi to listen to her heart. Krishna then says to Pallavi that she is happy to see that she is supporting someone who is not a Deshmukh. Pallavi says there is no love. Krishna tells Pallavi that she never talked about love then asks Pallavi to do her household works saying she will handle this. Pallavi sees Jaya is packing her dresses and asks Jaya what she is doing. Jaya asks Pallavi to leave this house saying she can have a happy life.

Pallavi asks the reason behind Jaya’s hatred for Raghav. Jaya says something about her husband then stops saying that she has her own reasons then says to Pallavi it is good for her only how early she leaves Raghav’s life. Keerti calls for Sunny and gets to know through Rocky that Sunny is in unconscious state.

Raghav tells someone on the call that he wants to close the shop where the necklace was stolen. Raghav tells that he has twelve more shops where he get his profit and compensate the loss. Pallavi and Farhad tries to make Raghav understand but Raghav says when he do something right everyone blame him so he is going to be a bad person for life then leaves the room.

Pallavi says to Farhad that who calls this kind of man as business tycon then asks Farhad to help her find the person behind this all. Farhad says that he is sure the one who behind this is one of their employee only. Farhad and Pallavi checks the sign paper and gets shocked seeing in both the letters it shows Raghav is the one who took that necklace out of the shop but in reality the one letter is made by lawyer to bail Vijay. Pallavi says that means the one who is done this is still inside the shop as one of a worker.

Precap: Raghav asks Pallavi to give Keerti the necklace. Pallavi praises the design and asks Raghav to give her by himself. The next morning Pallavi looks at the employees and asks Farhad the culprit is one of them right. Farhad says yes. Pallavi signs at Raghav good. The employees leaves the house the same time Sunny enters and asks the one who Stole the necklace that she is the one who he saw the other day with Rocky right. The lady gets scared. Pallavi gets confused.

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