Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 6th August 2021 Written Update : Mandar takes Keerti’s help

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 6th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pallavi says to Amruta that she is making this Kheer especially for Raghav. Amruta jokes what about others prasad. Pallavi says that she has made it already. Mandar comes to the kitchen and asks Pallavi what is she making. Pallavi says to Mandar that she is making Kheer for Raghav. Mandar says that he is happy for her. Pallavi thanks him. Mandar then acts that he is having a head ache so Pallavi takes him to the room and asks him to take rest. Mandar says that he will come out when Mangalagaur puja starts. Pallavi leaves the place.

Mandar closes his room then calls someone and asks their help and then leaves the house with back door. Amruta makes rangoli but Farhad comes and ruins it. Amruta gets furious. Pallavi gets worried what saree she has to wear for Mangalagaur puja. Sharda gives her a saree and says that she bought this for her when she comes to their house as a daughter in law but now she is giving it to her daughter.

Sulochana comes there and mocks Pallavi for who she is going to keep the fast because she has two husbands. Pallavi says to Sulochana that she has only one husband that is Raghav Rao and she is going to keep fasting for him. Sharda then warns Sulochana. Pallavi says to Sharda that she dont care what Sulochana thinks.

Raghav asks Jaya to get ready they are getting late. Jaya says to Raghav that there is three more hours to go to the house. Then Raghav asks Jaya to take his pictures. Jaya agrees saying that he has to take her picture after she gets ready. Raghav agrees. Mandar says to Sunny that because of him only he now is in this situation and trying to get his own wife back so this time if anything happens he will kill him. Sunny gets angry but Keerti signs him to be calm.

Sunny says to Mandar that he dont have to worry everything will happen as per his wish then asks Mandar to not to reveal his name and gives him a packet. Keerti asks Sunny what is going to happen. Sunny says something big is going to happen because of whatever Mandar is going to do. Also he is an equal competitor to Raghav. Raghav and the family comes to Deshmukh’s house. Jaya says they are late. Keerti says they are not late then Raghav and Jaya gets shocked seeing Sunny there. Raghav insults Sunny then asks Jaya to ignore him.

Raghav searches for Pallavi. Milind insults Sunny saying that they cant talk to people who is a drunkard. Sunny gets angry but Keerti stops him from saying something. Sunny asks Mandar what is the plan but Mandar looks at the fridge and recalls how he mixed the powder in the Kheer and says that he will see it. Sharda tells Raghav that Pallavi is in her room. Raghav goes to her room. They both looks at each other and gets emotional then hugs. Mandar sees them then gets angry.

Amruta comes to call Raghav and Pallavi for the puja but seeing them hugging each other she leaves the place saying that she will tell the Priest to wait for few more minutes. Raghav also asks Pallavi that they can spend few more minutes then brings his face closer to Pallavi. Farhad gives a flower to Amruta saying that he ruined her Rangoli but before Amruta takes it Milimd comes there and thanks Farhad who leaves the place. Amruta also makes excuses the leaves the place. Later Sharda asks Pallavi to give the Kheer to Raghav because the puja is over.

Mandar looks at Pallavi. Pallavi gives the Kheer to Raghav but he asks her to feed him by her hand. Mandar gets angry. Pallavi says to Raghav that he should stop acting like a kid and have the Kheer on his own but Raghav remains stubborn. Milind announces the dance performance. Pallavi decides to feed Raghav with her hand. Mandar looks at them.

Precap: Pallavi dances with all the ladies. Pallavi falls unconscious in Mandar’s arms who takes her upstairs. Sunny sees that. Mandar puts Pallavi in his bed then closes the door and looks at her.

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