Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 6th March 2021 Written Update: Pallavi is successful in running away from the den

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 6th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Raghav driving the car so that he can make his mother and his sister reach home safely. However Jaya is noticing him through the mirror and somehow she is understanding that the driver who is sitting in the front seat is none other than her son Raghav. She recalls the happy moments of them and also wonders how time changes so fast.

Jaya remembers how Raghav made a handkerchief for her during his childhood time and she was extremely happy to see that. On the other hand, Mansi’s in-laws reached Deshmukh house and said we saw her interview on TV and thought to give the entire order of sarees for the entire marriage functions.

They are asking for Pallavi after coming to the house but Sulochana gets awkward because they don’t want to reveal that Pallavi is taken to the police custody. Nikhil comes asking for the police station and they get surprised to hear that. Sulochana says actually Nikhil applied for a passport so he is asking if anyone came from the police station for verification?

On the other hand Raghav drops Keerti and Jaya before their house. Keerti is going to pay the driver the money and Raghav leaves without taking it. Keerti understands that it can be her brother Raghav only while Raghav gets a phone call and he informs that he will be there shortly. Pallavi is kept inside a dark room and she is not able to understand who is there and who is not. She is continuously asking those men why you people are keeping me here and tries to know who they are.

Farhad comes to Raghav and says that today we will celebrate the moment but gets happy to see Raghav in a drunken state and tries to ask him what happened that day that the relationship between him and his mother and sister deteriorated to such a bad level. Raghav says that day I became Raghav Rao from Raghav.

A small mistake of mine and I become a villain in front of my mother forever. on the other hand Jaya says to Kirti that I can be angry with my son but my love for him will never be less but I am also mother of you and my younger son Arjun as well. I am also wife of my husband and I cannot overlook the wrongdoings of Raghav at all.

One of the men helps Pallavi to escape from the den of the kidnapper but she faints on the road while running away from the goons. The next morning Raghav gets ready for the Puja of Shivratri and says that this is our tradition to celebrate this auspicious event in full form and Farhad informs him that a delicacy is also present in the pooja.

Later he finds Pallavi in his guest room and wonders how she landed up there. forhad says to Raghav that last night when he was drunk and wanted to go to the house of his mother then in the way they got Pallavi and it was Raghav only who got her home because she was unconscious and alone in the road.

Precap – Pallavi promises Raghav that she will never leave Hyderabad.

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