Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 8th June 2021 Written Update: Pallavi finds an important evidence to prove Raghav innocent

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 8th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghav makes Keerti wear the necklace. Pallavi asks how it is. Keerti says to Pallavi its beautiful then thanks her. Pallavi asks Keerti to Raghav saying he is the one who designed this necklace for her. Keerti hesitates first then thanks Raghav then both Keerti and Jaya leaves the room. Raghav sees Pallavi is looking at her wound then mocks her saying that she has to admit in ICU for this.

Later Raghav aids Pallavi’s wound. Raghav asks Pallavi to watch less Hindi films for ideas like this. Pallavi tells Raghav that she did this because she dont want to take credit for his efforts. Then they both gets into an argument which film hindi or Telugu film is best. Pallavi gets a message from Sunny about where to meet Rocky. Farhad and Pallavi goes there. Farhad asks Rocky how he know Ragini and who asked him to do all this. Sunny asks Farhad to behave properly. Pallavi tells Sunny it’s a serious issue so asks him to tell his friend to say the truth otherwise he will be behind the bars.

Rocky tells Pallavi that there is a beard guy who asked him to do this all now his number is also switched off. Sunny remembers the restaurant where he dropped Rocky the other day so he and Pallavi goes to find CCTV footage from there. The restaurant manager says to Pallavi and Sunny that already a beard man came here and threatened then took that CCTV footage with him. Pallavi says to Sunny that the beard man is smart. Pallavi then thanks Sunny. Sumjy asks her to not to file any case against Rocky. Pallavi promises him.

Pallavi comes to meet Raghav. Seeing Pallavi Raghav closes his laptop really fast. Pallavi gets suspicious and asks Raghav what is he watching. Raghav refuses to tell Pallavi. Pallavi then gets a wrong idea the same time Raghav asks Pallavi to sit with him to see the video. Pallavi says to Raghav that she will not Watch such videos then goes to leave the room. Raghav tells to himself Pallavi is crazy what more is going to happen by watching CCTV footage. Pallavi hears it and says to Raghav so he is the beard guy who the manager told them then asks Raghav to shave his beard saying its creating confusion. Raghav says it’s a sensitive topic so asks Pallavi to leave it.

Both Raghav and Pallavi sees the CCTV footage but the beard guy’s was hidden so Raghav says that the guy is really smart that’s why he sat where his face is not focused. Pallavi asks Raghav that he already said that he dont want to prove anyone he is innocent then why he is doing this. Raghav says because Pallavi trusts him for the first time and he wants to prove her trust for him. Pallavi gets surprised then leaves the room. Keerti asks Sunny to not to help Pallavi Pallavi saying it’s all Raghav who did this. Sunny tells Keerti that she is wrong this time. Sunny tells Keerti that Pallavi gets to know about their relationship.

In the morning Pallavi gets a call from Krishna while talking to her Pallavi asks the worker to make what all the dishes she has to make for breakfast and lunch. Krishna teases Pallavi for going into full wife mode. Krishna then asks Pallavi to find her diary so that they can finish the Nawab family order. Keerti comes and asks Pallavi to not to say anything about her and Sunny to Raghav because she needs some time to introduce Sunny to her family. Pallavi promises Keerti. Pallavi then goes to check her diary but finds the laddu which is given to her by Milind the other day then sees the paper and gets shocked. Milind says to Pallavi that he used some random paper to fold the laddu and that day Vijay is about to Sign the loan papers not the property papers.

Pallavi asks Sulochana is the one who made the property papers right. Milind says yes but Amruta is the one bought it to the house. Vijay comes there with Sharda and asks Pallavi what is she doing here. Pallavi says to Vijay that day he is supposed to sign the property papers instead of loan papers and Sulochana is the one who behind all this. Mansi and Amruta comes there.

Mansi says to Pallavi Pallavi just to prove Raghav innocent why she is putting a blame on Sulochana. Pallavi says that she has proofs and gives the paper to Vijay, Sharda takes it and then reads. Pallavi says to Vijay that she knows he is upset with her but she has the rights to prove her husband is innocent the same time as a daughter she has the rights to tell her father to what is right. Pallavi asks Vijay to think the one who saved him from a biggest problem will put him behind the bars. Raghav comes there and everyone gets shocked.

Precap: Sunny and Keerti gets romantic. Pallavi and Raghav comes to meet Sunny. Sunny gets scared and signs Keerti to hide behind the door. Raghav notices someone is behind the door. Pallavi asks Sunny to draw a beard on some photo. Sunny gives them the photo after drawing. Both Raghav and Pallavi gets shocked.

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