Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali: Jaya to reveal Pallavi about Raghav’s past mistake!

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In viewers favorite show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Raghav is doing everything to reconcile the Deshmukh’s and Pallavi. Someone is trying to ruin Raghav’s attempts.

Now it will be interesting to see will Raghav really change himself as a better person? What will Pallavi do when she get to know about Raghav’s past life, will she judge him or help him to reconcile his relationship with Jaya?

In the current track it shown that Mansi asks Vijay to bring Pallavi to this house and gives him the letter which Sharda got yesterday. Vijay gets angry and leaves the house.

Mansi says that she wont let Pallavi live a happy life when she destroyed her life. Raghav gives a cupcake to Pallavi then apologises to her for ruining her surprise for him and asks her to surprise him like that when she feels again that he deserves one. Pallavi notices Keerti’s behavior towards Raghav.

Vijay comes to the house with Sharda and Milind. Vijay asks Raghav what is he thinking about himself and accuses Raghav for sending him to jail. Raghav asks instead of thanking him for what he did to him why he is blaming him and says to everyone that he is not the one behind Raghav’s arrest.

Jaya also supports Vijay and asks Raghav to accept his mistake which shocks Raghav. Vijay says to Jaya that he is taking his daughter Pallavi with him and drags Pallavi out of the house. Pallavi stops Vijay then goes and stands beside Raghav and says to everyone that Raghav is someone who dont go behind someone to put them in a helpless situation and says this time she choose Raghav’s side because she knows Raghav is innocent.

Raghav gets surprised. Vijay accuses Pallavi for not considering the Deshmukh’s as her family then threatens to put Raghav behind the bars then leaves the house with Sharda and Milind.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Krishna will say to Pallavi that she is happy to see Pallavi is supporting someone who is not Deshmukh. Pallavi will say to Krishna that she is not in love with Raghav.

Krishna will say to Pallavi that she didn’t talk to her about love. Pallavi will look at Krishna. Fateh will say to Farhad that eventhough Jaya is living with him he feel that she is not with him.

Pallavi will ask Jaya that what happened in the past because of that Raghav is still not getting his mother’s love. Jaya will say something about Raghav’s father to Pallavi then stops.

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