Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali: Pallavi to Surprise Raghav by supporting him!

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In viewers favorite show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Raghav and Pallavi is getting closer to each other every day. Now it will be interesting to see whether Raghav’s attempt to fulfill his promise for Pallavi will get succeed or it will go vain.

In the previous episode we had seen that Pallavi came to thank Raghav in his office for recommending her name to his client to design saree. Raghav informed Pallavi about Vijay’s arrest. Sharda and Milind also get shocked after learnt about Vijay’s arrest.

Sulochana asked Amruta to help Sharda in this hard times. Raghav promised Pallavi to bail out Vijay. Raghav told Inspector someone trapped Vijay in this and asked to investigate properly.

Pallavi asked Raghav why he didn’t filed a FIR for the stolen necklace and called Raghav stupid. Raghav and Pallavi end up into a heated argument. Pallavi decided to go to meet Vijay.

Raghav told Pallavi that he will drop her. Pallavi refused to go with Raghav. Raghav forcefully take Pallavi with him. During their drive Raghav told Pallavi that he should not have accepted Jaya’s request to marry her then he shouldn’t have go through this torture of Pallavi’s non stop bickering.

Pallavi warned Raghav. Pallavi questioned Raghav why did he took her to the restaurant. Raghav told Pallavi that Sharda is waiting for her inside. Sharda and Pallavi met each other.

Sharda scold Pallavi also apologised to her for the behavior. Farhad called Raghav so Raghav leaves the restaurant. Farhad warned Raghav before he sign the paper. Raghav told Farhad he dont have much time to think then signed the paper to bail Vijay. Raghav thought who was the person behind Vijay’s arrest.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Sharda and Milind will take Vijay to the house. Vijay will breakdown infront of everyone. Amruta will tell Milind that there is an envelope someone give.

Sharda will read the letter and tell that Pallavi is stupid. Jaya will learn about Vijay’s arrest through Pallavi. Pallavi will ask Jaya to help her surprise Raghav. Jaya will refuse to help Pallavi saying she is not feeling well. Raghav will ask Farhad to find the person behind Vijay’s arrest.

Sharda will warn her family members to not to tell this to Vijay. Pallavi will tell Farhad about her surprise plan for Raghav. Farhad will get happy. Farhad will ask Pallavi to make protien cake. Pallavi will make cake for Raghav then will imitate Raghav.

Keerti will get into an argument with Sunny. Raghav will ask Keerti to choose her birthday present. Keerti will shout at Raghav then call him a selfish person who doesn’t know the value of relationship. Raghav will slap Keerti.

Pallavi will wait for Raghav. Keerti will ask Jaya to go to their old house. Jaya will say to Keerti that she don’t want to break Pallavi’s trust for Raghav. Jaya will inform Keerti about Vijay’s arrest. Jaya and Keerti will suspect that Raghav is the one behind this.

Raghav will come to the room late night in a drunken state. Pallavi will get shocked seeing Raghav in that condition.

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