Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Weekly Update: ACP Laxmi Singh warns Raghav.

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This week Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali episode starts with Priest asks Jaya to tie a thread around her family members hands when Sunny comes forward Raghav stops him saying this is for family. Everyone does aarti. Pallavi asks Keerti to do the aarti. Keerti tells that she will do the aarti with Sunny only so Pallavi tells the priest the family members done the aart and asks him to continue. Keerti gets shocked. Later when Pallavi gives everyone the prasad she refuses to give to Sunny and goes to the kitchen. Sunny follows her and asks her to stop being jealous. Pallavi laughs at him and tells that she dont want a criminal like him to do aarti for God. Sunny tells Raghav is doing so many wrong things and asks her to ask Raghav why police caught his men. Pallavi warns Sunny to not to say anything against Raghav. She also tells that the trust they have for one another is named as RaghVi and decides to leave but stops when Sunny tells her that Raghav isn’t paying custom charges for the diamonds which is illegal and calls Raghav as a smuggler. Pallavi gets furious but Sunny tells her that he will prove whatever he told is true in return she has to slap Raghav infront of everyone. Pallavi smiles and tells Sunny that If he fails then she will beat him with the broom from tbe house to the market and leaves.

Sulochana praises Raghav’s house. Sharda makes fun of Sulochana. Amtuta teaches Farhad how to eat modak. Nikhil comes there so Farhad leaves the place.Then they all goes inside the house when Priest asks them to do the next part of the puja. Jaya refuses to feed Sunny the prasad saying that it’s for family. She then tells the priest that Raghav and Pallavi will continue the puja here after. Raghav refuses and asks Priest to do the next part and they can do this Someother time but gives in when Sharda insists him. Raghav and Pallavi sits together. Raghav makes Pallavi have the prasad but he refuses to have it from her hand. Sulochana gets happy. Jaya and Sharda gets sad. Raghav leaves the place. Farhad talks to someone on the call about how much diamond they bought without paying the custom charges also he talks about the register in which he has noted it and enters the room. Sunny hears everything and follows Farhad then he lies that he is searching for Keerti when Farhad sees Sunny near the room. Farhad closes the door. Sunny decides to find the register soon and prove whatever he told Pallavi is true.

Jaya thanks Sharda and family also tells this is their first time conducting this puja and if she has any doubt she will call her but Sharda tells Pallavi is here so she wont let anything wrong happens. Jaya and Raghav leaves. Sharda asks Pallavi to not to lose hope saying God will help her and leaves with her family. Keerti tells Sunny that they can shift to his house because there they dont have to face all this. Sunny manipulates Keerti saying that they have to convince Jaya also tells her that he has given his house to Rocky so until they find a new house they has to be here. Keerti agrees. Sunny decides to find the file which has all the informations about Raghav’s illegal business night itself. Pallavi stops Raghav from going to the bar and tells him that she herself upset with her unknown mistake but like all the other times why not they together can make Keerti realise Sunny is not the one for her but Raghav refuses and blames Pallavi and leaves. Pallavi determines to make Raghav forgive her. Sunny enters Raghav’s office and searches for the file. Raghav hears a noise from his office and wonders who it is. He goes to check but he finds no one at the same time he thinks someone must have entered so he locks the door. Sunny comes out of his hiding spot and when he learns the door is locked he smiles and tells that Raghav himself allowed him to find a proof against him.

Pallavi gets gets ready in a Telugu look and wakes up Raghav. The latter gets surprised seeing Pallavi and asks why she is doing. Pallavi tells Raghav that so many times he dressed up in Maharastrian style so why not she does this for him and asks how she looks. Before Raghav could say anything they hears Keerti asking for Sunny which makes Raghav to say Pallavi that even he himself try to forgive the situation wont let him. Keerti asks Raghav about Sunny’s whereabouts. Raghav sees his office keys and gets angry and goes to his office and finds Sunny there. Sunny acts and tells that he walks during his sleep that’s how he got here. Keerti takes Sunny from there. Pallavi wonders why Raghav is angry also why Sunny comes to Raghav’s office. Later Raghav sprains his shoulder while doing workout but refuses to take help from Pallavi but Pallavi remains stubborn so Raghav gives in and let her aid him. Sunny takes the like file from his shirt and smiles saying be ready to fulfill your promise to slap Raghav infront of everyone Pallavi. Raghav gets a call from Farhad saying the lady has arrived. Raghav leaves the place. Pallavi wonders why Raghav is upset also who is the lady hearing that information Raghav get tensed.

The officer tells the tea vendor to learn on his own about ACP Laxmi and when the tea vendor gives tea ACP pays for it also asks him to let her know if anyone buys tea without paying him. She then talks to the other officer about Raghav and his smuggling also how no one is going against him even his competitors and they have no proof against him. The officer tells ACP that most of the people working under Raghav not even know that they are working for Raghav also tells its them who has to go and meet Raghav if they want so ACP tells that they can go and meet Raghav now itself. Sunny tells Keerti that hereafter their family members wont insult them when Keerti tells him that she found few houses and they have to select one and shift there so that they dont have to face humiliation. Nikhil and Abhishek comes to meet Pallavi. Seeing Raghav and Farhad Abhishek tells that he has work so he is leaving. Pallavi tells Nikhil that Abhishek is smart so he wont never get involved in illegal things. ACP comes to RR mansion and introduces herself. Raghav tells ACP that he wont meet people without appointment. Pallavi questions ACP the latter tells sometimes police comes to the house to warn people about the consequences of their wrong doings. She then asks Raghav why he didn’t filed a complaint when the necklace was stolen. Raghav tells ACP that they can have this conversation in his office. Pallavi thinks that there is something wrong is happening for sure.

ACP questions Raghav about his relationship with the custom officers to which Raghav tells he has to because he needs their help. He also asks ACP to check his accounts if she wants but ACP tells not today also warns Raghav that if she finds anything wrong in his accounts then he not only has to pay for the fine he needs to pay for all the diamonds custom charges and leaves. Sunny and Keerti watches everything. Sunny gets happy. Pallavi tells ACP that neither she nor her husband Raghav do something which is wrong and illegal while giving prasad to ACP. Sunny goes and gives the file to Pallavi saying it’s the proof so now she needs to slap Raghav infront of everyone like she promised. Raghav and Farhad sees everything. Farhad gets worried but Raghav stops him from doing anything. He then smiles when Pallavi shows Sunny the file is filled with full of her photos. She then goes and brings broom with her. Sunny gets worried recalling her promises. Pallavi stops seeing Keerti and warns Sunny to never try to create a difference between her and Raghav this time Keerti saved him the same wont happen next time.

Raghav gives the original file to Farhad and tells him that Sunny thought that he will believe his lies but he followed him and changed the file when he saw Sunny kept the file under the bed and went to washroom. Farhad asks Raghav that dont he think that he is betraying Pallavi by hiding this truth. Raghav tells the moral values and everything will look good while reading a book but in real life Money matters the most so he is not guilty. He then asks Farhad to not to send any of his men to get diamonds because they has to be remain silent because ACP is keeping an eye on them. Farhad tells Raghav that Abhishek already left because today is an important consignment they have but Raghav asks Farhad to stop Abhishek at any cost. ACP tells one of the officer that they have to find an evidence against Raghav to stop him from doing this smuggling. She then decides to catch Abhishek when she learns that Abhishek is on his way to get the diamond. Keerti questions Sunny but the latter assures her everything is fine also asks her to let him fight this against Raghav alone.

Pallavi thanks Raghav for the scrap book but Raghav refuses to talk to her which annoys Pallavi so she tells Raghav that Keerti locked her inside the room that’s why she cant able to stop her also it’s not her who helped Keerti gets married to Sunny also unlike him when she is angry she will tell the person why she is upset and angry. She then sees Jaya who looks away. During breakfast Jaya refuses to have food when the worker says its made by Pallavi so Pallavi forcibly feeds Jaya and tells her that she has to take medicines so she needs to eat properly and asks her to not to show her anger on food. Jaya gets emotional and tells Pallavi that she is sorry for getting upset and angry at her when she is not the one who did wrong. She also asks Raghav to talk to Pallavi but he refuses. Sunny mocks at Keerti for the family members being so dramatic. Keerti tells Sunny that no matter what both Raghav and Jaya will support Pallavi only. Pallavi then goes to meet Nikhil who asked her help. She decides to buy tea and snacks but gets shocked when she sees ACP is pointing gun at Abishek. Abhishek throws the diamond inside the saree shop of Pallavi and tries to run away but ACP shoots him. Nikhil and Pallavi gets shocked and Nikhil takes Pallavi inside the shop. Farhad informs Raghav everything so Raghav asks him to save Abhishek at any cost. He then goes to meet Pallavi who starts crying seeing then falls unconscious. Ragav gets worried then the doctor asks them to take care of Pallavi saying she is stressed. Jaya tells that she can understand what Pallavi must be going through now.

Farhad informs Raghav that Abishek is dead so Raghav decides to take care of Abhishek’s family also determines to punish the ACP. Commissioner gives twenty four hours time to ACP to prove her decision to shoot Abhishek is valid so she asks her Officer’s to check the call records of Abhishek’s. Pallavi wakes up and decides to go to meet Abhishek’s family with Nikhil when Raghav informs her that Abishek is dead. Pallavi tells Raghav that Kalpana will feel better if she goes and meets her in person. Raghav tells her that he will also accompany him then he gets a call from Farhad who tells him that he gave money to Abhishek’s family. He then thinks that Raghav may not worried about the diamonds now but if ACP gets it then they are in big trouble so he needs to find it before anyone could. Raghav Pallavi and Nikhil goes to Abhishek’s house where Kalpana asks Pallavi why police shoot Abhishek to which Pallavi tells even she dont know why this happened to Abhishek because he is good guy he wont do something illegal. Kalpana shows her the bag filled with full of money and tells that she has so many questions but the answers who has is no more she also curses the person who lead Abhishek into a wrong path. She then fires the bag with full of money saying it’s not needed to her. Everyone gets shocked.

Sunny gets to know Abhishek’s encounter through the news. Keerti comes there and tells him what happened in Abishek’s house and calls it weird but Sunny tells that the peope who knows the whole story for them it’s not weird and goes to get ready for the puja. ACP asks the officer they found the diamonds or not also about Abhishek’s call records. The officer informs they haven’t found the diamonds yet also the unknown number from which Abishek recieved calls is bought with a fake id. ACP asks to investigate faster. Farhad tells Raghav that they cant able to find the diamonds also through the informer he learnt police is checking Abishek’s mobile but he called him with the fake id number or else he would be in prison by now. Raghav asks Farhad to let the matter gets calm in a few days after that he will punish ACP. Pallavi comes and questions Raghav who he wants to punish. Farhad lies saying they were talking about one of the staff. Both Raghav and Pallavi goes to their room. Pallavi thanks Raghav for coming in her life. Raghav asks Pallavi what will she do if she is in a situation where she has to not to support the truth. Pallavi confidently states that her Gamandi Rao will never do such things. Raghav feels guilty and decides to tell Pallavi the truth but stops when he realises that Pallavi will leave him forever.

Jaya and Pallavi prepares for the puja. Sunny goes to meet Acp and offers her to catch Raghav red handed but ACP refuses taking his help saying first he needs to prove her his enmity with Raghav then she will think about it. One of the officer asks Sunny to find the diamonds which they were searching to gain ACP’s trust. Sunny decides to find the diamonds at any cost. Jaya does aarti for god after that Raghav and Pallavi does the aarti. Sunny comes there and takes the aarti plate from Raghav’s hand does the aarti with Keerti. Raghav Pallavi and Jaya gets upset. Pallavi asks god to protect her family from everything that is evil. Sunny asks god to help him find the diamond to expose Raghav. Raghav tells Jaya that god knows his wishes so he dont want to ask god anything. Later Pallavi goes to meet Nikhil with ice cream to cheer him up. Nikhil helps Pallavi wash her hands when the icecream melts. Pallavi’s ring falls to the ground she then finds the diamonds pouch when she opens it gets shocked seeing the diamonds. Nikhil also confirms it’s real diamond so they both wonders whose it must be. Then they both decides to hand over the diamonds to the police. Amruta and Mansi gets into a verbal fight when Amruta gets to to know that Mansi is checking her mobile. Mansi lies that she didnt and angrily leaves the place.

Pallavi hears Sharda and Jaya is arguing and gets shocked so she goes to see what happened. Sharda and Jaya complaints about each other to Pallavi for cheating a ludo game. Pallavi calms them down. She then asks Sharda to tell the reason behind her visit. Sharda shares her worry for Vijay’s health also how he is stubborn and not listening so asks Pallavi to ask Raghav to help Vijay get a job from any private company with his influence. Pallavi agrees. Sunny takes Keerti to Pallavi’s saree shop and searches for the diamonds. He then finds the diamond is in bill counter so while he pays for the sarees he deliberately makes the glass fall to the ground and when no one notices he exchanges the pouch. Pallavi tells Raghav it’s a lunch time after that he can continue his meeting. His worker leaves the place. Pallavi tells Raghav that he was upset with her unnecessarily so now he has to fulfill her every demands and asks him to feed her food also to take her to a long drive. Raghav agrees but tells he has an important meeting after that he will take her to the long drive.

Pallavi tells Raghav that she found the diamond pouch and jokes at him that he must be the one who hide it in her shop. Then she leaves the room asking Raghav to have lunch when the worker informs her that again Sharda and Jaya is fighting. Raghav asks Farhad to stop Nikhil at at any cost from going to the station. Sunny comes to the house and says to himself that he first thought to give the diamonds to ACP but he changed his mind and now he want to see Pallavi’s reaction so he is going to reveal this truth to Pallavi and enjoy everything. ACP scolds Nikhil for giving wrong information and warns him not to make jokes like this. Nikhil gets shocked and leaves the place confusingly. Sunny and Keerti comes to where Sharda and Jaya is playing ludo game and Pallavi is watching them. Keerti tell its Sunny’s gift which he bought from Pallavi’s shop. Pallavi wonders why Sunny went to her shop. Later Nikhil informs Pallavi about the diamond went missing so she asks Sunny why he didnt sold the diamonds yet. Sunny tells Pallavi that she has to fulfill her promise because the diamond belongs to Raghav. Pallavi gets shocked.

In next week Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali viewers will get to see that Raghav will look at the diamonds and tell himself it looks like the one he is searching for. Pallavi will hear everything from outside the room. She will confront Raghav and ask him is Abhishek worked for him. Raghav will get shocked and tell Pallavi to give him a chance to explain to her. Pallavi will say to Raghav she dont need explanation also because of him Abhishek died. Raghav will shout at Pallavi saying that he didn’t kill Abhishek. Sunny will ask Pallavi to slap Raghav and fulfill the promise she made. Raghav will get angry. Sunny will mockingly ask Pallavi what will be her next step after learning the truth. Will she make Raghav go behind the bars for being an illegal business man. Jaya will stand before Raghav to protect him. Pallavi will take a step forward and takes the pouch from Raghav’s hand then she will look at Raghav.

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