Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Weekly Update: Mandar challenges Raghav.

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This week Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali episode starts with Pallavi goes to the Deshmukh’s house and asks what happened Amruta and Mansi tells that Mandar isn’t opening the door so she goes to Mandar’s room to ask him open the door. Raghav gets furious at Sunny for talking ill about Pallavi but Keerti stands up for Raghav saying soon the society is going to question him for sure because of Pallavi. Dr.Ramaiya scolds Pallavi for leaving Mandar’s side even after she knows the condition of his health.
Then she tells Mandar that Pallavi will not leave his side anymore also asks Pallavi to feed Mandar which shocks Pallavi but she decides to do what she told thinking about Mandar’s health but Raghav comes there. Mandar warns Raghav to talk to Vijay properly but Raghav asks him to show his rights after DNA test report comes out so Mandar asks Pallavi to leave the house saying until the report doesn’t comes out asks her not to meet him.

Pallavi asks Raghav to Scold her but he tells that he do understand the situation and like Jaya told that they have to be together and face the problems. Pallavi promises Raghav that she wont let anyone come between them and tells that she loves him. Vijay asks Mandar to not to do DNA test but Mandar tells that to tell some people they need a proof of paper then he marks the date on the calendar in which his DNA report will come and says that day he will show his rights on Pallavi and bring her to this house.
Pallavi informs Raghav that Mandar send the samples for DNA test then the day one passes by both Raghav and Pallavi isn’t concentrating on their work and Mandar crossing the date. Day 2 Pallavi hurts herself accidentally so Raghav takes care of her. Mandar crosses the date too. Then Mandar crosses the third day on the calendar and tells that tomorrow his report is going to come after that he will get back everything which is meant for him with the rights he has.

Mandar goes to Raghav’s house and give him the DNA report and tells that he is indeed Mandar Deshmukh so he has the full rights to take his wife to his house. But Raghav tells Mandar after the death certificate has been made on his name there is nothing wrong if the wife of the first husband marries another men. Mandar asks Pallavi to come with him but Pallavi tells for her Raghav is her husband also they all thought he is no more so they moved on in their life like him they are trying to accept the situation and handle it properly without hurting one another. Mandar asks Pallavi to think about their relationship but Raghav told Mandar it’s not their problem if he lost his memory now they helped him get to his family he is the one who try to recall his past. Jaya scolds Raghav but Mandar leaves the place thanking Jaya for supporting at the same time he agrees with Raghav’s words too.

Raghav tells Pallavi that he has a feeling there is something wrong with Mandar his gut feeling is telling this. Pallavi tells Raghav there is nothing such even the report proved he is Mandar Deshmukh. Vijay scolds Vishnu for sending Mandar alone to bring the report then they all gets happy when Mandar informs them the report tells he is Mandar Deshmukh he also tells that Pallavi refuses to come with him. Sulochana thinks that she will make sure Pallavi comes to this house.
She then calls Pallavi and asks her to come and help her prepare the sweet for the puja which is help by Vijay for Mandar’s well being. Jaya asks Pallavi to go she will inform Raghav so Pallavi agrees to Sulochana.Raghav comes to the house and takes Pallavi to the Deshmukh’s house Pallavi gets surprised.

Raghav and Pallavi enters the house seeing them together Sulochana gets irritated. Raghav then tells Sulochana from next time invite him too because inviting a wife alone for a puja is a sin. Then Pallavi goes inside to prepare the sweet. Mandar goes to the kitchen where Pallavi tells him it’s his favorite sweet. Mandar tells that just like when the person’s loss memory but there will be a no change in his behavior the same way we can say the past relationships ended but there will be always something that will bring them close.
Pallavi will get shocked hearing his words. Mandar apologises to Pallavi for making the conversation awkward then Sulochana enters the kitchen and tells that she is happy seeing them both together. She then asks Pallavi to sit with Mandar in the puja when the Priest tells Mandar that he has to sit with his wife. But Pallavi goes and sits beside Raghav and tells the priest her husband is Raghav.

Later Raghav talks to his client then gets surprised seeing Mandar who mocks him asking is his habit to go the place where he is not invited to which Raghav tells that he knows Mandar’s intention also this is his Love for Pallavi then asks Mandar why he agreed to sit in the puja when nor even once he entered the temple all this while. Mandar gets shocked. Raghav tells Mandar that he knows so many information about him. Mandar sees Pallavi and then says to Raghav that he will bring Pallavi to the Deshmukh’s house as his wife also the daughter in law of his family. Pallavi comes and asks Raghav is everything okay. Raghav tells yes. Then Sharda and Milind comes to the house and gets shocked and emotional seeing Mandar. Sharda cries and tells that she cant believe he is alive. Milind praises Pallavi also blesses Mandar and tells that he is so happy that he is alive. Sulochana then asks Vijay to let Pallavi stay for dinner they all can have a family dinner but Sharda stops and says to Pallavi that she can go to her house now.

Vijay tells its Pallavi’s house too to which Sharda says it was till he throwed her out of the house. Mandar asks Pallavi’s name saying if there is any emergency then he wants to call her so Pallavi gives her number then she and Raghav leaves the Deshmukh’s house. Sunny tells Keerti that they have to do the court marriage Keerti agrees and tells that she will try to convince Jaya in the mean time but Ved comes there and tells they they cant risk anything so with his influence he will let their marriage takes place within a day. Sunny thanks Ved. Raghav and Pallavi talks about which colour diamond is suitable then when Raghav offers a job Pallavi denies saying he cant able to pay her so Raghav tells to compensate that he will fulfill Pallavi’s every wishes then they both brings their face closer to each other but they gets interrupted by Mandar’s message who asks Pallavi to help him so Pallavi agrees. After the phone call with Mandar Pallavi tells Raghav that soon Mandar is going to regain his memory then Sharda and Vijay will be Happy.

Raghav decides not to tell Pallavi about Mandar’s challenge then he makes Pallavi change her mobile and the number then makes her wear a ring saying for him the definition of Love is Pallavi. Pallavi kisses Raghav’s forehead. Sharda advices Mandar to not to disturb Pallavi but Mandar tells that he remembers her Only. Next day Keerti mocks Pallavi for wearing such an expensive ring. Jaya tells that Raghav did a great job. Then Pallavi gets shocked seeing Mandar at their doorstep. Mandar tells Pallavi that he is worried about her. Jaya invites Madar inside the house. Keerti informs Raghav about Mandar is in the house so Raghav decides to come to the house. Vijay asks Sharda to think about her son also saying Pallavi is not Happy with Raghav but Sharda warns him and Sulochana and tells that she wont let anyone of them create problem in Raghav and Pallavi’s life.

Mandar asks Pallavi to help him gain his memory so Pallavi agrees to go with Mandar to Deshmukh’s house. Raghav goes to the Deshmukh’s house but he didnt find both Mandar and Pallavi and gets shocked. Sharda also gets angry at Sulochana for talking nonsense. Mandar takes Pallavi to the tea stop and looks at her. Raghav and Sharda wonders where Mandar has taken Pallavi with him. Mandar spills the tea on Pallavi’s saree so she goes to wash. Mandar sees Raghav is calling Pallavi so he asks Raghav to come to the tea shop where they are happily enjoying each others company then switches off the phone. Pallavi then tells Mandar how both the families decides to arrange their wedding and how he disappeared on their wedding night.

Mandar tells that he remembers something about bangle so asks Pallavi to come with him to meet the doctor but she refuses saying it’s too long so Mandar decides to go by himself to find the answers. Sharda warns Vijay and Sulochana saying if anyone ever tries to snatch Pallavi’s happiness thet have to face her first. Pallavi gives in and goes to Mandar to meet the doctor where the doctor gives Mandar a bangle saying the people who saved him gave her this saying it was in his pocket. Sunny asks Keerti to join hands with Mandar to ruin Pallavi’s life. Mandar asks Pallavi to keep the bangles to herself as his thank You gift for helping her. Raghav learns that Mandar took Pallavi to the doctors clinic so he travels to the place but then he calls and then gets to know through the doctor that Mandar and Pallavi left the place. Pallavi tells Mandar that Sharda and Vijay is going to be happy and then she sees Raghav and tells him that what new information they both finds today.

Raghav angrily asks Mandar how could he take Pallavi with him to which Mandar says that today he made Pallavi wear the bangles soon he will made sure Pallavi wear mangalsutra on his name and he cant able to do anything. Pallavi sees Raghav is stressed so she make a lemon juice for him and says it’s her Special it will make him relax. Raghav asks Pallavi what is she feeling for Mandar. Pallavi confusedly looks at Raghav. She tells Raghav once Mandar recalls his past they all can able to move on in their life. Raghav asks Pallavi what will she do if Mandar recalls his love for her. Pallavi tells Raghav that time she will let him remember his Love for her which changed her as a person today she is then signs him I love you and hugs him. Raghav receives a message from Mandar in which Mandar challenges Raghav that just like the way he made Pallavi wear the bangle he is going to make Pallavi wear a saree which he is going to buy her. In the middle of the night Raghav gets a nightmare that Mandar is about to put the mangalsutra on Pallavi then wakes up and looks at Pallavi and the bangles which she has in her hand.

Mandar tells the Deshmukh’s that on his wedding night he went to meet the jeweller to buy the bangle which he wanted to gift it to Pallavi but he met with an accident. Sulochana encourages him. Vijay also supports Sulochana but Sharda warns them also asks them to help Mandar recall his past because he spend more time with them not with Pallavi. In the morning Pallavi gets worried when Raghav tells that he arranged a wedding photoshoot then he takes her inside the room and shows her dress and jewelry. Pallavi asks Jaya to get ready so that they can take a family picture too but Keerti leaves the place saying that she dont want to be a part of this.

Raghav helps Pallavi gets ready for the wedding photoshoot, he makes her wear the jewelry. Jaya gets happy seeing Raghav and Pallavi posing for the picture then tells Raghav the only good thing he did is decide to marry Pallavi. Raghav then takes a selfie of them then sends it to Mandar with a voice note stating that the bangle which he gifted Pallavi is not in Pallavi’s hand now. Keerti meets Mandar and apologises to him but Mandar tells nothing is going to change because of her apology. Keerti tells Mandar that she understands the pain he is going through because Pallavi is not by his side. Mandar gets shocked and looks at Keerti.

In the upcoming episode of Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali viewers will get to see that Raghav Pallavi and Jaya will happily poses for the photoshoot. All three of them will have so much fun during the photoshoot. Mandar will ask Pallavi to come closer then he looks at their reflection and say that they did the same as a part of their marriage ritual right. Pallavi will get uncomfortable. Sharda will get angry and throw the mirror. Mandar will get shocked. Raghav Pallavi and Mandar will meet. Raghav will say to Mandar that it’s weird he is recalling his past only when he is spending time with Pallavi alone. Mandar will say to Raghav that their relationship is special. Pallavi will get shocked. Mandar will come to the house with torn cloth then falls unconsciously. Vijay and Sharda will get worried. Dr.Ramaiya will check Mandar then tell the Deshmukh’s that they have to call Pallavi here this the only way to save Mandar. Sharda will get shocked.

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