Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali: Will Pallavi stay with Raghav after learning about his past?

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In viewers favorite show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali finally Raghav and Pallavi finds that Sulochana is the one who behind Vijay’s arrest so Raghav strikes a deal with Sulochana saying if she clears Pallavi’s name then he wont punish her, Sulochana also agrees.

Now it will be interesting to see will Sulochana do what Raghav asks her to or else will she plan something against Raghav again and what are the changes going to happen in Raghav and Pallavi’s life after Sulochana clears Pallavi’s name to Deshmukh’s.

In the current track it shown that Raghav and Pallavi once again gets into an argument when Pallavi tells that they have to punish Sulochana on the other hand Raghav says Milind is a good person so they cant punish him too for Sulochana’s crimes.

Pallavi helps Keerti to make breakfast. Pallavi says to Jaya and Keerti that its Sulochana who stole the necklace and framed Raghav for Vijay’s arrest. Jaya gets angry. Pallavi tells Jaya and Keerti this time they both are wrong too. Pallavi says to Jaya that its not right to punish Raghav his whole life for his one mistake.

Sulochana gets shocked seeing Raghav in a driver seat. Raghav puts his gun at Sulochana’s forehead and asks her to tell him everything. Sulochana confesses everything to Raghav saying that she did this because she knows both Raghav and Pallavi is a threat for her plan to make the Deshmukh’s house to her name. Sulochana then begs Raghav to not to put her in jail then says that he will do anything whatever he asks her to.

Jaya says to Pallavi that she wants to apologise to Raghav. Pallavi asks Jaya to wait her in her room saying that she will help her. Pallavi takes Raghav’s suit from his room then imitates Raghav infront of Jaya. Pallavi asks Jaya to be brave and give befitting reply to Raghav. Raghav sees Pallavi in his outfit then enjoys Pallavi’s made up story about them to Jaya.

At some point Raghav also asks Pallavi to what happened next Pallavi thinks its Jaya so tells her after she saved Raghav he thanked her then turns around and gets shocked seeing Raghav there. Raghav smiles at Pallavi.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Raghav will tell Pallavi that he not only lost to her in the game but also in his life. Pallavi will become speechless hearing Raghav’s words.

Pallavi will say to Raghav to not to change the topic. Pallavi will ask Raghav to tell her about his past. Raghav will ask Pallavi what is she going to get from learning about his past. Pallavi will say to Raghav that she wants to understand him better.

Raghav will say to Pallavi that he dont think that will happen after she learns about his past. Pallavi will ask Raghav to trust her once.

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