Mehndi Wala Ghar 10th June 2024 Written Update: Mauli confesses her love for Rahul to him

Mehndi Wala Ghar 10th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with both Mauli and Rahul getting drenched in the rain. Drunk Mauli confesses that she loves Rahul very much thinking that all these are her imagination. She even says that she was in great pain when Rahul got engaged and she cried a lot. Rahul is relieved with Mauli’s confession and takes her to his room as Rati is asleep in Mauli’s room and Rohit is sleeping in Rahul’s room. Mauli doesn’t let Rahul go as she feels this will interrupt her imagination and she doesn’t want that to happen because she is greatly in love with him and this imagination is very beautiful to her.

Ajay shouts at Swara as he is too disappointed with her. He can’t accept the fact Swara has broken his trust. Ajay has always been insulted by the family members of Swara. He has always kept quiet thinking as he is obliged to her family he has to tolerate everything. He states clearly that he is not going back to Jabalpur with Swara. Swara says that she didn’t want Vaibhav to know his real identity and whatever she has done, the only purpose behind it was to keep this fact a secret. She couldn’t be a biological mother, so when she got a chance to be a mother she couldn’t let it go and did everything possible to keep it intact. Janki maa calls Ajay for misbehaving with Swara. Saloni is about to enter the room when she overhear the last few sentences of the conversation, she expresses her curiosity but Janki maa handles the situation. Ajay says that he won’t go back, Swara says if Ajay wants to stay at his place he can but Vaibhav will go back with her. Angry Ajay leaves the place. Janki maa says to swara that she shouldn’t have hidden the fact of not taking the money.

Vijay tries to reach continuously to Rohit and Rahul to get update from them, but they are not available to pick up the call. Manoj comes to his room. In the conversation, Manoj understands that Vijay wants Rahul and Rati to get married in ‘mehndi wala ghar’. Vijay is too happy and he gives the whole responsibility of the wedding to Manoj. He promises that he will fulfill his duty.

Mauli wakes up in Rahul’s room. She is shocked and doesn’t remember a single thing about last night. Rahul takes the opportunity and teases her that they had got intimate, that made Mauli confess that it wouldn’t have happened with anyone for Mauli, as she loves Rahul. Rahul smiles and confesses his love for her too. Rahul let her know that he was just teasing her and nothing has happened between them. He respects women. They spent some romantic moments together. Suddenly Mauli realises that he is engaged with Rati, but Rahul let her know that he has already said everything to Rati.

Episode ends.

Precap- Rahul and Mauli will decide to go back to the house. Ajay will tell Vaibhav that he is their adopted son. Vaibhav will be too shocked and shaken on hearing this.

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