Mehndi Wala Ghar 11th April 2024 Written Update: Mauli tricks Manas.

Mehndi Wala Ghar 11th April 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with Mauli and her team hearing Manas and Ashna’s conversation by tapping his phone. Mauli asks for a gift from Manoj. She says that she wants respect for herself in Manas’s heart. She wants Manas to get settled and stand on his own feet and become self-sufficient. He agrees with Mauli and says he also wanted this for a long time. Mauli asks him to let Manas realise his responsibilities. He becomes happy and asks Mauli what she wants him to do.

Manas goes to a side to make the payment for Ashna’s diamond necklace but he finds his card blocked and account empty that shocks him. Manas calls the bank and gets to know that his father did this. He walks towards his father’s room to complain. Mauli and his father make a fake call and show that his property and bank accounts have all been seized due to a debt to make Manas realise his responsibilities. He hears all of this. Mauli tells Manas that he didn’t even tell his mother about this since he is ashamed. Manas wonders what to do now and sweats in panic.

Mauli tells Manas that this is not the time to panic and understand their responsibilities. She says that she would start working at the hospital and also asks him to join a job. He says he won’t get a job here so Mauli asks him to talk to Akshay to give him a job at their saree shop. Aashna calls Manas but he hangs up so she reaches Mehndi wala ghar to meet Manas. Seeing her at the door, Manas panics. He asks Aashna to go out with him or else someone would see them. She nags and asks him to make the payment. He says that they are broke now.

Manas hides Aashna under some bedding.He asks Manas to visit the bank immediately and submit some important documents right now. Jankis daughter in laws come near the bedding and beat it for work and beat Aashna unknowingly. Mauli brings Janki and asks her to check the beddings. They don’t find Aashna there so she wonders where she must be and if someone has helped her. Manas’s mother had seen Aashna and helped her. She slapped Manas and asks why he is faking all this. He apologises to his mother but she says she never expected something like this.

Manas says that Mauli replaced his place and now Manoj trusts her more than him. He says he loves Aashna. He blackmails his mother so she asks them to leave Ujjain immediately and she will handle the rest. Episode ends.

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