Mehndi Wala Ghar 11th June 2024 Written Update: Vaibhav comes to know about his real identity

Mehndi Wala Ghar 11th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rahul telling Mauli that he has already confessed everything to Rati. Mauli gets sad on hearing this as she feels Rati won’t be able to take the rejection. Mauli says that she will talk to Rati. Meanwhile Rati comes to Rahul’s room and asks him why he has changed the room, Rahul asks her to come inside to see everything on her own.

Ajay is furious with Swara, Janki maa and Nanhe had talked to him but he doesn’t want to listen to anyone. Swara asks for forgiveness but he shouts at her telling that the things she has done can’t be forgiven. Swara tries to convince him that whatever she has done, the only purpose behind this was to keep her child safe. This statement makes Ajay even more furious and he tells that he will make Swara face her biggest fear.

Rati is shattered inside. Mauli and Rahul talk to her. Mauli tells Rati that she has the experience of having a bad relationship so she doesn’t want Rati to go through the same phase. Rahul and Mauli say they will be supporting Rati to overcome her time and they will not think about their marriage until Rati’s feelings for Rahul is altered. Rati says she is not selfish, she won’t come in between them. She confirms that she is absolutely fine with it and asks them to proceed. Rahul and Mauli decides to come back to the house. Rati insists on joining them as her presence might help in convince the family members.

Later it is revealed that Rati is planning to take revenge on Mauli and she is not going to give up on chasing Rahul. Rahul, Rohit, Mauli and Rati come back to the house. On the way, Rahul tries to hold Mauli’s hand that makes Rati jealous. Rohit asks Rahul why they are coming back, Rahul asks him to wait him a bit to know everything.

Furious Ajay is determined to let Vaibhav know everything about his real identity. Manoj, Vijay all forbid him to take any decision in anger. Swara pleads to Ajay but he doesn’t listen. Vaibhav comes to the scene and Ajay bursts and tells him that he is their adopted son. It was Vijay and Tanvi who gave Rahul’s twin brother to them as Swara couldn’t conceive. Vaibhav is too shocked to hear this information. He lashes out at his parents as well as to Vijay and Tanvi. He can’t accept the fact the even after being his brother, he was deprived of the luxurious and wealthy life that Rahul had lived. He creates a scene. Janki maa is upset with Ajay for breaking the bonding of the family, but Ajay feels by lying to him, Swara has already done that. Rohit and Rati is annoyed with this situation. Mauli takes Rahul to the temple of Lord Ram and asks him to trust his parents just like Lord Ram did.

Episode ends.

Precap- Rahul will come to Manoj and say he wants to marry not Rati but Mauli that will shock him.

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