Mehndi Wala Ghar 11th March 2024 Written Update: Jaanki entrusts work for everyone. 

Mehndi Wala Ghar 11th March 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Mauli making Kheer in the kitchen. She decides to give the good news to her father with kheer. Akshay comes to kitchen and tastes kheer which was burning hot and burns his mouth. Mauli feeds him water and while both of them stare at each other but remain silent. Hari tells Mauli that he hoped she would help to keep the family together but she is the one who talked about the division of the house. He says he would never forgive her and Mannu and leaves. Mauli thinks that when he would understand her motive he would thank her himself. 

Ajanta asks Manoj why can’t they go back to Canada immediately.  Manoj asks her to trust her for once and give her sometime. Mauli comes with a bowl of kheer for her parents. Ajanta gets annoyed and leaves. Mauli’s father says that their work has just started and they have stopped everyone in this house but they would have to unite everyone and make them forgive others. While Ajanta makes tea in the kitchen, Tanvi and others start taunting her and chaos happens. All of them get engaged in a heated argument. 

Jaanki enters the kitchen and entrusts work to all of them separately. She says from now on, all  of them would help Jyoti in the kitchen one by one or else they would keep on arguing with one another just like this. Jaanki calls the three brothers and tells them that like their wives would help do the household chores, they would also have to take different responsibilities of the house. 

Next morning at five o clock, Mauli wakes up Ajanta and asks her to take a bath and get ready for the kitchen since she is supposed to make tea for everyone as Jaanki has asked her. Mauli guides her how everyone drinks different type of tea. She had priorly gathered information from Jyoti regarding who likes what kind if tea and guides Ajanta accordingly. Swara and Jyoti think that no one would like Ajanta’s tea and laugh among themselves. Ajanta serves tea to everyone just like everyone likes. Jyoti and Swara keep an eye on everyone wondering if anyone would like the tea. 

One by one everyone drink their tea. Mauli asks if they all like their tea. She asks Jaanki ma if she wouldn’t give her mother her shagun. Jaanki taunts Ajanta and Manoj but Hari gives shagun and his blessings to Ajanta. Manoj feels good seeing all this. He asks Mauli how she does all this and thanks her for this. Seeing Ajanta being praised, Tanvi thinks  of impressing her by her work too. Ajanta and her get engaged in another tussle in the kitchen as Ajanta taunts her. She asks her to leave her alone for sometime. Episode ends. 

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