Mehndi Wala Ghar 12th March 2024 Written Update: Mauli confronts Akshay

Mehndi Wala Ghar 12th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rahul receiving a notification about Mauli’s selfless act of helping the little girl. He tells her that someone has recorded the video and it’s gone viral. He proudly looks at her. Mauli looks happy. Meanwhile, Mauli’s previous employer gets angry seeing the viral. He decides not to spare Mauli for ignoring his job offer. He then finds the agreement that Mauli has signed to him, and then she rejects the offer. He gets determined to ruin her career.

Here, Akshay refuses to have the tea made by Ajanta, but Manisha asks him to leave his stubbornness because hereafter, they have to have the food made by their sister in law’s. Meanwhile, Tanvi brings the food made by her to the breakfast table. Vijay is excited to have it. Janki maa decides to serve. She gets shocked seeing the egg in the gravy. So she shouts at Tanvi. Tanvi and the entire family get shocked that learning egg is in the gravy. Ajay questions Tanvi. Tanvi pleads with Janki maa and the family members to trust her it’s not her who cooked egg though she cooks for her son’s when they were in London.

Janki maa questions if it’s not Tanvi, then who put egg in the gravy. Swara accuses Ajanta, which shocks everyone. The FB shows in which Ajanta is seen buying eggs from the delivery partner. Ajanta admits that she brought egg, so Tanvi lashes out at her. Ajanta tells her it’s not who put the egg in the gravy, but Swara and Tanvi accuse her. Mauli shares with the family members that she has returned the breakfast, which contains an egg brought by Ajanta. Swara and Tanvi refuse to believe Mauli’s words.

Vijay takes a stand for Tanvi, so Ajanta questions him for indirectly blaming her. Vijay, Tanvi, and Swara insult Ajanta. Manoj takes Ajanta’s side, which leads to a heated argument between them. Both Mauli and Rahul ask their parents to stop arguing. Mauli feels helpless. Janki maa shouts at them to stop arguing with each other. She then lashes out at the Agrewal brothers for putting her in such a situation. She orders Jyoti to clean the entire house also throw the utensils, and then prepare food. Jyoti agrees.

Later, Mauli and Samay together take a dust bag with them to throw outside. Samay asks Mauli, who is behind this conspiracy. Mauli tells him that she doesn’t know. She then gets shocked to see something inside the bag. Mauli goes to Akshay’s room with his bowl. She tells him where she found the bowl. Akshay goes to his defensive mode. He starts blaming Mauli for trying to put the blame on him, but Mauli clarifies it’s not her intention. She also advises him not to repeat this again and then leaves. Janki maa hears their conversation and gets shocked.

Here, Ajanta decides to return to Mumbai, but both Manoj and Mauli stop her, saying that Janki maa knows it’s not her who conspired against Tanvi. Meanwhile, Akshay gets shocked, realising that Janki maa gets to know about his conspiracy, so he shares his pain with her about her decision. Janki maa explains to him the reason behind her decision. She also decides to punish herself for Akshay’s deeds. The episode ends with Mini informing Jyoti about Janki maa’s decision.

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