Mehndi Wala Ghar 18th March 2024 Written Update: Ajanta says that Mauli and Manas are separated .

Mehndi Wala Ghar 18th March 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with Manoj and Janki being insulted by Manas and Aashna. Suprabhava keeps on saying things and creating chaos. Janki asks her to stop and leave like she came in. After leaving, Janki asks Manoj if this is all true. The ward boy opens Dr. Khurana’s cabin for Rahul and Mauli and asks them to hurry up. As Rahul tries to find a proper location to set the spy camera, they get to hear Dr. Khurana’s voice. They hide under his desk.

The doctor tells the ward boy that Sheena would be entering this room now so they must not be disturbed. Rahul turns on the video on his mobile and takes a video of Dr. Khurana and Sheena. Their plan is to expose Dr. Khurana and exit from their trap. Khurana gets close to the lady and almost tries to kiss her but Rahul comes out and speaks up. He says sorry for disturbing but his inconvenience is not regretted. Khurana gets shocked.

Manoj is asked by Janki if he was aware of all this. He says he knew it but the girl with whom he is now is not a decent girl but he would definitely come back to Mauli. Khurana asks how he got inside. He calls Ramakant so Rahul asks him to call everyone and celebrate their extra marital together. Sheena asks Khurana to handle this since her entire career would be destroyed. Mauli comes out and seeing her Khurana says how could she dare to do this. Rahul shows him their video.

Rahul tells Khurana that he is wrong and dishonest. Whatever he is doing is a breach of trust and he has all the proof of it. So he can’t punish Mauli for a sin she didn’t even commit. Khurana asks Rahul what he wants. He shows a paper to Khurana and asks him to take back the case on Mauli immediately. He is forced to sign the paper. Rahul asks him to be a good person along with a good doctor so that he also gets people’s respect. Mauli asks him to be loyal to his wife since it’s his responsibility. Before she leaves the cabin, Khurana asks to check her own life before raising fingers at others.

Back at home, everyone talks badly of Mauli and Manas. Mauli’s mother speaks out and says that Manas had always loved Aashna before getting married to Mauli. She says that Manas and Mauli aren’t a couple anymore and their marriage broke long back and their annulment has happened. Manoj asks Ajanta when did all of this happen and why didn’t he tell him anything. Ajanta says that since he was sick, she didn’t want to disturb him.

Vijay barbs Manoj for his broken family. Janki asks Vijay to stop taunting Manoj. She says she would talk to Manoj separately. Janki tells Hari that they must give Mauli and Manas another chance to fix things. She fears Mauli and Rahul don’t get close to each other and expresses this to Hari. She says if something like this happens, Vijay would never forgive Manoj. She decides to take the charge herself and fix the issue.

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