Mehndi Wala Ghar 21st March 2024 Written Update: Rahul and Mauli argue over Manas

Mehndi Wala Ghar 21st March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mauli deciding to tell Janki maa that she can’t live with Rahul. She then hears Janki maa telling a story of Lord Ram and Sita. Janki maa talks about a wife’s responsibilities. Rahul also hears it. He then smiles at Mauli. Janki maa and other ladies hail God’s name. She sees Mauli, so she calls her forward and introduces her to other ladies. All of a sudden, the weather gets changed, so the ladies leave the place. Before they leaves Janki maa invites them in the puja. They all agree. Mauli decides to speak with Janki maa, but the latter assigns her work, so she leaves. Rahul follows her.

In the police station, Ajay advises Manas. He then asks him to come with them to home. Ajanta refuses, saying in Mehndi Wala Ghar that everyone supports Mauli, including Manoj, so she is going to return to Mumbai with Manas. Meanwhile, Rahul urges Mauli to speak with Janki maa immediately about her decision. Mauli looks on. Meanwhile, Ajay bails out Manas. He then advises Manas to return home. He also assures them that the family members will definitely accept Manas. Manas agrees to Ajay, but Ajanta opposes it, saying to Manas it’s not easy. But Manas decides to get forgiveness from his family. Manoj gets emotional. He feels that Manas has changed for good, so he decides to support him. Ajanta worries about Mauli’s reaction.

Here, Mauli follows Janki maa, who is busy in the call. Janki maa cuts the call, and then she asks Mauli what she wants to tell her. Rahul signs at Mauli in an encouraging way to speak with Janki maa. But before Mauli could speak, Janki maa gets shocked seeing something ahead of her. Mauli, Rahul, and Janki maa get shocked seeing Manas, who returned home with his parents and Ajay.

Janki maa inquires with Manas and others about what happened to Manas. The entire family comes out of their room. Manoj shares with his family about everything that happened. Manas begs forgiveness from his family. Janki maa asks Manas to come inside. Manas sees Mauli. He goes to her. He pleads with Mauli to forgive him. Mauli and Rahul get shocked. Manas refuses not to leave the place until Mauli forgives him. Mauli remains silent. Rahul recalls his interaction with Manas earlier. He gets furious with Manas telling himself that Manas is putting up an act.

Mauli brings a first aid kit for Manas. She aids his wound. Janki maa advises her to go inside with Manas. Mauli agrees. She senses Rahul is upset, so she thinks in her mind it’s not the right time for her to speak with Janki maa. Rahul decides to go behind Manas and Mauli, but Janki maa stops him. She asks him not to interfere in the husband and wife’s relationship. She also asks Vijay to make Rahul understand this and then leaves. Vijay advises Rahul to stay away from this all. Rahul gets upset.

Manas persuades Mauli to forgive him. Mauli ignores him, and then she leaves. Meanwhile, Janki maa gives strict instructions to her family about their interactions with Manas and the puja arrangements. Later, Mini gets upset hearing the conversation between Swara and Tanvi about Mauli-Manas’s relationship. She opposes their idea. Here, Rahul advises Mauli not to fall into Manas’s manipulation. Mauli clarifies that whatever she is doing is as a doctor. She also asks Rahul not to interfere in this matter. But Rahul tells her that he will be by her side always, which Janki maa hears it and gets worried.

Precap: During puja, Mauli tells Manoj and the entire family that she doesn’t feel anything about Manas, which shocks everyone. Rahul smiles.

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