Mehndi Wala Ghar 25th March 2024 Written Update: Manas makes a promise to Mauli

Mehndi Wala Ghar 25th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Janki maa expressing her disappointment towards Manoj for stopping Manas from making Mauli wear the nuptial chain. Manoj tells her that Manas has broken Mauli’s trust, so he won’t let any injustice happen to Mauli. Janki maa tells Manoj that he may have changed, but one should follow the traditions. Ajay supports Janki maa’s decision. Manoj explains to his family that he doesn’t want to repeat his mistake again, which he has done with his family already. Janki maa asks him if he doesn’t want the reunion of Manas and Mauli? Manoj tells her that he will be more than happy if that happens, but for that, he wants Manas to win the heart of Mauli. He also tells everyone that Mauli is his daughter. So, he wants to prioritize her happiness. He then does a handshake with Mauli. Mauli looks happy and emotional. Manas gets irked.

Manas pretends to agree with Manoj’s decision. He then requests Mauli to give him a chance. Mauli remains silent. Manisha vents out her frustration with Mauli about the importance she is getting. She then forces Mauli to forgive Manas. Tanvi questions Manisha for forcing Mauli, but Janki maa takes Manisha’s side, which leads to an argument between her and Janki maa. Mauli feels helpless. Manoj tells Mauli that he gets a chance to get forgiveness from his family, so he feels even Manas deserves one chance. Mauli recalls the promise Manoj made her after she lost her parents. She then agrees to give a chance to Manas shocking Rahul. Mauli hugs Manoj.

Janki maa gives time for Manas to win Mauli’s heart. She also gives her his blessings. They all then go to take part in the puja. Later, Akshay vents out his frustration with Manisha about Janki maa’s priorities, which have been changed after Manoj and his family entered the house. Manisha advises him to create an opportunity. Akshay gets determined to show Manoj and his family their position in this house.

Here, Rahul decides to confront Manas about his real intention with Mauli. He then sees Manas going somewhere while he is on call with someone else, so he decides to follow him. Later, Manas meets Aasna. Aasna inquires with him about their plan’s status. Manas informs her that everything is happening according to their plan. Also, everyone falls into his act, and Mauli agrees to give Manas a chance to him for Manoj’s sake. He also says that soon he will win the family members heart by portraying himself as a good man, but Mauli isn’t giving him a chance, which will lead the family to throw her out of the house. So that they can get Manoj’s property. Rahul arrives there , and Manas notices it, so he hides himself. Then he leaves from there before Rahul can see him.

Manas informs Janki maa about his decision to cook something for Mauli to win her heart. Janki maa agrees, but she complains about it. Rahul advises Janki maa to check a man’s loyalty. He also reminds her that Mauli and Manas’s marriage has broken. Janki maa challenges him that she will unite them at any cost. Later, Mauli gets surprised seeing the arrangements Manas made for her while Rahul gets shocked seeing a food delivery parcel has Manas’s name in it.

Precap: Rahul and Mauli get stuck in a cloth. They both argue with each other. The Agrewal women’s get shocked seeing their compromising position along with Manas.

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