Mehndi Wala Ghar 28th March 2024 Written Update: Janki Maa cancels the plan of Minnie

Mehndi Wala Ghar 28th March 2024 Written Update on

Epsiode starts with the conversation between Janki Maa and Manas. He shares his emotion to his grandmother since he has hurt by Mauli. Janki Maa reminds her grandson that he also left Mauli in her wedding day. Manas couldn’t able to able to bear any advice from Janki and feels disgusted.

Here, Vaibhav and Rahul play cricket in their front area of the house. When the game gets its charm, suddenly Manas hits the ball strongly and breaks the flower vase in which Mauli’s flowers were kept. Janki Ma fears whether Rahul will be reason of the divorce of Mauli and Manas.

Mauli stitches Kurtas for all the brothers on the occasion of Holi and gets them to play a childhood game to bring them closer together. She distributes the clothes to all the brothers and says that clothes are given by Janki Maa. When all the brothers come in the ground hall, they realise that they have wore same printed clothes. After a while, they come to know that they all are befooled by Mauli. Mauli apologies for her tricks and instigates them to play the game. They all become nostalgic to remind their happy past days.

Janki overhears their conversation and hides herself so that her three sons will find her out to eat her handmade Laddu. Mauli’s plan gets the success and the all the brothers start playing together. Hari becomes very emotional seeing the whole environment of the family. He hopes that Mauli will keep their house together. Janki Ma also blesses Mauli. But Rahul feels very jealous of Mauli’s good impression and plots to ruin the reputation of Mauli.

Minnie wants to celebrate the Holi with all her friends. She also wants invite her few friends in the home including few boys. As soon as Akshay learns the planning, she is forbidden to bring any boy in the Mehndi Ghar. Rahul tries to support and Mauli raises her voice against the societal malpractices which are regarded as a tradition but Janki Maa totally washes the plan. Rahul feels very happy seeing the defeat of Mauli.

After a while, all the ladies of Mehendi Wala Ghar start squabbling in the kitchen. But somehow Mauli manages the situation. Again Mauli tries to unite all the brothers in Holi programme, but Akshay doesn’t want to enjoy the Holi with all his brothers to become nostalgic.

Episode ends.

Precap : Mauli will take the risk and will invite the friends of Mauli which will intensify the anger of Janki Maa.

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