Mehndi Wala Ghar 30th May 2024 Written Update: Amit Trivedi is exposed by four brothers

Mehndi Wala Ghar 30th May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rahul who gets the bail for Mauli. When the judge becomes confirmed seeing the attribute of Rahul, that he is in love with Mauli, Rahul is taken aback realising this simple truth. The judge repeatedly says that it’s nothing but the deep love for Mauli for whom Rahul is ready to do anything and everything. Rahul starts dancing in the air and runs to the prison to get Mauli out of the prison.

When the whole Janaki Wala Ghar prepare themselves for the marriage ceremony of Manisha, then suddenly Janki Ma hears a sound of band party which makes her confirmed that the groom Karan has arrived. But when they all come outside of the house they see that Amit Trivedi has arrived with a bulldozer to demolish this Mehndi wala Ghar. They all become thunderstrucked by the sudden arrival of this evil man but they don’t have any proof to prove him wrong. Amit Trivedi threats them that he has come to break this house on the same day. In spite of requesting him he is not ready to listen anyone’s request and ignores them like nothing.

When Rahul reaches in the police station, Mauli comes out from the prison and thanks him. He imagines their emotional involvement in each other’s life, but Mauli consciously avoids to give any hint of her heart like before. Now, Rahul thinks that Mauli regards him as her friend only. They both misunderstand each other and think this is one sided love.

Rahul gets a call from home that Amit Trivedi has already come to break the house. Here Amit Trivedi threats the family members and asks them to leave the side others they will be injured when the bulldozer will start its engine.. Janki Maa and her family flaunt their unity and try to stop the bulldozer from breaking the house.

When Amit Trivedi holds the hand of Janaki Maa, Manisha slaps him tightly and lashes him out for his desperation. Still Amit tries to make them afraid but the whole family become unified and take the strong action against Amit Trivedi. The all four brothers expose the crimes of Amit Trivedi one by one and prove that Amit is a fraud serviceman who plays with other’s trust. They also reveal that Amit Trivedi took large amounts of money as bribe from many others. The police comes to arrest Amit but before leaving Amit asks Manisha whether Karan will come to marry her. The question sucks the mind of Manisha. Suprabha still thinks that Karan has changed his mind that he won’t marry Manisha anymore.

Episode ends.

Precap : Rahul will understand that his heart only beats for Mauli.

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