Mehndi Wala Ghar 31st January 2024 Written Update: Janki’s request to the Agrewal brothers

Mehndi Wala Ghar 31st January 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hari introducing Mauli to Janki maa, which shocks and surprises the family members. Mauli takes Janki maa’s blessings. Hari tells Janki maa that he wants the Agrewal brothers to stay with them until Mini’s wedding takes place. Janki maa remains silent, so Hari tells her about his dream, which worries Janki maa, so she agrees to grant Hari’s wish, which makes everyone happy. Janki maa explains that she wants the Agrewal brothers to stay as a guest until Mini’s marriage. She further requests them to stay in their limits, and then she goes inside. Hari gives instruction to his grandchildren to bring the belongings of the Agrewal brothers, which they oblige.


Manoj praises Mauli for her efforts. He also hopes that soon, Janki maa forgive him also after she blesses Mauli her life will become problem free. On the other side, a guy comes out of the vehicle, followed by another guy. They both complain about the travel inconvenience they had endured. One of the guys decides to check whether the room is available in a hotel or not, so he enters the hotel. Mauli enters the hotel. She informs the manager about her decision to check out her room. She then performs a dance with the groom family who are doing some sort of rituals. The guy arrives there. He pleads with the manager to give him a room, but the manager informs him that the hotel rooms are already booked except one for that he has to speak with the one who is going to check out. He also shows Mauli to the guy, so the guy goes behind Mauli.

Mauli packs her belongings to check out the room. The guy arrives there, and he tries to get her attention, but Mauli tries to find her nuptial chain, which she lost somewhere, so she fails to notice the guy. The guy finds the nuptial chain, so he tries to impress Mauli, but his attempt backfires as he tries to make her wear it. Mauli demands him to leave the room. The guy who explains with Mauli about his situation. He also complains to Mauli about the Indian tradition. He further talks highly about London, which angers Mauli. Mauli scolds him for his perspective about Indian tradition and the relationship they share with one another. She also refuses to give into the guy’s request.

In Agrewal’s house, Manoj prays for the reunion with his family. Meanwhile, Janki maa shares her disappointment towards Hari for lying to the Agrewal brothers about her health condition, which led them to return home. Hari explains to her the reason behind his actions. He also tells her that everything will become normal once their family reunites. Janki maa tells him that it must be Mauli who gave him this hope by not taking her name. Hari blesses Mauli.

Here, the guy tries to bribe Mauli, which angers her. Meanwhile, Tanvi, Vijay, and Manoj get shocked learning Ajay and Swara’s son get married. Janki maa arrives there. She taunts Swara and the Agrewal brothers, and then she leaves. Everyone gets sad. Manoj calls Mauli, and he asks her to return home while Swara calls her son who is with Mauli, and she asks him to come to home, which the guy happily agrees. He informs her that he doesn’t need her room. Mauli, I hope not to meet that guy ever.

Precap: Manisha demands Janki maa to choose between her and her brothers, shocking everyone. Mauli inquires with Hari about what happened years ago, so the latter decides to tell her everything.

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