Mehndi Wala Ghar 31st May 2024 Written Update: Manisha gets back her love

Mehndi Wala Ghar 31st May 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with Manisha who has been waiting for her groom Karan on her wedding day. Getting some fake photos, Karan has misunderstand Manisha and hasn’t come yet in Mehndi wala Ghar on his wedding day. The whole family become very tensed assuming the misfortune of Manisha. Mauli can’t understand what they should do in this time. If she will fix this marriage, there is no guarantee that Karan will not again raise question against Manisha. She ask Manisha to wait so that they will be confirmed about the love of Karan for Manisha. Manisha understands the point of Mauli and prefers to wait for Karan rather calling him.

Here, Subhadra and Vicky become very happy since Karan has cancelled his own marriage with Manisha. Vicky informs her that Karan has locked himself in his own room. Subhadra fails to hold her happiness and starts dancing being successful in her plan. She comes into the room of Karan to console him for his current betrayal. Coming into the room, she immediately starts her own pensive monologue for Karan, but when she doesn’t get any response from him, she switches on the light but Karan isn’t there, rather the four Agarwal brothers have been waiting for her to confront her. Subhadra becomes pale immediately. They all start confronting Subhadra and make her realise that they have come to know everything about the conspiration. Suddenly they are informed by Tanvi that Karan has already come in mehndiwala house with Barat.

Manisha becomes overwhelmed in happiness and runs to see the face of Karan. She couldn’t help but to see the face of Karan for once. Mauli hugs Manisha and congratulates her being successful in love. Karan sends a flower vase to Manisha and expresses his love for her. Manisha could not hold back her tears. Suddenly Suprabha and Vicky again appear in the mehndi wala Ghar and manipulate Karan to stop this marriage as soon as possible since Manisha’s character is not stainless. But Karan exposes that he knows everything that Suprabha was behind of all this drama. He bacame confirmed that Suprabha was connected with Amit Trivedi and they together try to break this marriage. Karan requests her to leave this place. The whole family also insult Suprabha for her meanness.

Finally the whole Mehndi wala ghas celebrate the marriage ceremony of Manisha. Both Manisha and Karan seem very happy getting each other in their life. All the elders bless them for their happy future. Rahul couldn’t help but to stare at Mauli. Rathi couldn’t understand what is going on between Mauli and Rahul. He also imagines of his own marriage with Mauli. Last of all, Manisha is about to leave the Mehndi Wala Ghar.

Episode ends.

Precap : Rahul will understand that his heart only beats for Mauli. Jyoti will expose this truth to Janki Maa.

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