Mehndi Wala Ghar 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Mauli lies to Rahul

Mehndi Wala Ghar 3rd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manisha saying that she will leave the house in one condition, her brothers say they will do everything to make her happy. She asks her brothers to hold each corner of her dopatta that signifies the coming together of the family. She feels everyone has their own shares of doing right and wrong, but the bonding should be intact and everyone should forgive each other. The brothers remember all the good time they spent together. They ask for forgiveness and the family is in joy. Rahul is seen admiring Mauli from a distance. Manisha asks Janaki to accept the brothers. She embraces them wholeheartedly. Everyone is seen happy as before.
Hari asks Nanhe to hand over the watch to Manoj as he has promised. Nanhe forgives Manoj and gives the watch to him that makes Manoj emotional and he promises that he will perform his responsibilities wholeheartedly. Manisha leaves the house with the blessings and good wishes from everyone .

Jyoti and Janaki wait for everyone to come for tea but none comes. She goes room to room with tea. Hari, her aunts everyone rejects to take tea. Mauli is surprised seeing the family who were so active the previous day, is now sad and seems to be in despair. She wants to cheer the family, and wants Rahul’s help for this. She comes to his room. He gets a cut accidentally. Mauli tries to help but he says he doesn’t want Mauli’s help. He even asks her if she is happy with his engagement. Mauli lies and says she is really happy just the way the family is happy for her.

As both Rahul and — love each other, they should get married. Rahul asks her why she thinks that Rahul loves —, to which Mauli replies that he asked her to come back after the accident and even got engaged with her. Rahul gets annoyed with this answer. Jyoti overhears her and asks about it. Mauli replies that she indeed lies to Rahul about her being happy for Rahul . She loves him but she doesn’t want Rahul to know this. Jyoti feels Mauli is not getting true emotions of Rahul.

The four brothers are seen spending some lazy hours together. They discuss that they have to go back to their own places. They even share how much they are going to miss the house as well as the members. They are really satisfied with the events that took place as it made them come together after a long time.

Nanhe starts singing in a cacophony. Mauli joins him. The family gets irritated with the noise and comes to stop him. But the all joins him eventually, they start to enjoy and add their individual elements of fun. It is revealed it was a plan by Mauli, she was upset seeing the family to be in a bad mood. So with the help of Nanhe she successfully lifts the spirit in the family.

Precap- Janki Ma sees Jyoti hiding a cloth that has the names of Rahul and Mauli printed on. She is shocked as Jyoti reveals that Mauli and Rahul love each other but none of them knows what the other person feels. Rahul is seen entering the house holding the hand of —-, Janki gets upset seeing this and states she doesn’t approve of this relationship.

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