Mehndi Wala Ghar 4th June 2024 Written Update: Janki ma is upset with Jyoti and her plan

Mehndi Wala Ghar 4th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Janaki ma saying Mauli that she will be missed immensely. The house will be empty soon and it makes both of them emotional.

Rahul says to Mauli that he is not going to miss her. Mauli is shocked with this statement and thinks why Rahul is saying so to her. Jyoti and Mauli are seen cutting the vegetables while Rahul is passing by.
Jyoti calls Rahul in order to speak to him. Mauli forbids Jyoti but she doesn’t listen to her. Mouli leaves the table. Rahul is seen cutting the vegetables very angrily. Rahul replies that he is not angry with the vegetables but with Mauli. Jyoti says that we only show our anger to those people whom we really love and eventually Rahul confesses that he loves Mauli. But he is sure that Mauli doesn’t have any feelings for him as she is okay with him getting married, so he asks Jyoti to keep this secret to herself. Jyoti promises to herself that she will make sure that Rahul and Mauli confess their love to each other and be happy for the rest of their lives. It is revealed that she has secretly prepared a cloth that has the name of Rahul and Mauli printed on it. She hopes that Mauli and Rahul will get married one day and she will give this cloth to Mauli to wear on the wedding day.

Rahul gets called by his father who announces that they will live India soon. As they had promised that before living India they will get Rahul engaged, it is decided that Rahul will get engaged in next few days. This announcement makes everyone in the house very happy but Jyoti, Mauli and Rahul are very sad. The family starts to plan the event, Rahul takes Vijay aside and tells him that he doesn’t want to get engaged right now. He wants to sort his things out right now. Vijay feels that Rahul is scared of the marriage and takes the situation lightly. Vijay asks Manoj to join them for the arrangements. Manoj gets emotional as he remembers when Manas and Mauli got married he had none to help him out. He is happy that finally the family is coming together.

The women of the family is seen discussing the marriage of Rahul. They feel as Rahul is getting married they should find someone for Mauli also. Tanvi says she knows someone who will be a perfect match for Mauli. The boy earns well, belongs to a good family and most importantly is a divorcee just like Mauli. Jyoti overheard this and places her opinion that Mauli’s husband doesn’t necessarily should be a divorcee. But Tanvi doesn’t have the same opinion and she feels the society would not accept a divorcee the women to get married to a man who wasn’t married earlier. Janki maa hears all these and takes Jyoti away and aks what is going on in her mind.

Jyoti confesses that she wants Mauli and Rahul to get married as this will make a perfect match. According to her as Mauli and Rahul get along with each other really well, and it was them who helped the family to get united, she feels it is a match made in heaven. But Janki ma strongly opposes this idea as she feels this will again break the bonding of the family. She knows that Tanvi wouldn’t ever accept Mauli as her daughter in law. Jyoti tries to convince her but fails. Janki Ma forbids Jyoti to say anything to anyone especially to Rahul and Mauli.

Mauli is seen crying in her room. Rahul enters and Mauli shows fake emotions to him and tries to make Rahul believe that she is really happy for Rahul.

Episode ends.

Precap – Everyone in the family is leaving after the completion of the functions. Janki maa prepares their favourite food. Mauli ask Rahul to visit Mumbai whenever he comes to India. But Rahul says this is going to be their last meeting. Janki ma promises that she will try her best to keep the bonding of the family intact. Jyoti feels she has to do something for Rahul and Mauli.

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