Mehndi Wala Ghar 5th April 2024 Written Update: Mauli gets to know about Ashna and Manas.

Mehndi Wala Ghar 5th April 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with Mauli asking her chachi if she is okay. She asks Mauli if she got to know anything about Manas. Mauli says that nothing yet although she has tried finding on the social media. She asks if social media lets one know everything about one’s problems and what is in one’s mind. Mauli asks if it is Akshay chachu that she wants to know about. When she says yes, Mauli creates a fake social media account on her phone with the name Suman and texts him. Mauli teaches her how she can talk to him like a stranger and know whatever is tehre in his mind.

Janki says to Hari that she wants to get Mauli and Manas married again. Mauli gets a number and calls on that number. She asks the man about the person who called here. He says that a woman came to her and asked him his mobile to make a call. She inquires about the place and tries to fetch more information. Mauli takes Jyoti chachi asidr and says that she got to know who had brought Mini’s friends home. She tells Jyoti about the man at the temple and that these things happened infront or Agarwal sweets. She says that she got the cctv footage from around the Agarwal stores and copied it in a pendrive. Now they will be able to see the photo of the woman who waa behind all this. Manas hears all this and it is actually Mauli who was saying all this to Jyoti infront of his room to make him hear all this. She keeps the pendrive there and says aftwr she freshens up they would watch it together.

As they leave, Manas breaks the pendrive so that they aren’t able to see the face of the person. Mauli hears Manas talking to Ashna that they should have been careful. It is his luck that he got to know about the pendrive and broke it before she watches anything otherwise people would get to know that he and Ashna are still together. She feels irritated and feels like hitting him in the face but she decides to not take any immediate step and rather accumulate proof against him or else he would proof her wrong. She wants to know his entire game plan.

She gets inside Manas’s room to find a proof against him secretly. She sees him approaching towards his room so she hides behind the door. His mother calls him and takes him away so Mauli gets saved. Ajanta asks Janki to have him something because he isn’t having anything since the previous day. Janki asks him to eat something or else he would fall sick. While taking Manas’s clothes for washing, a piece of paper falls off from his clothes and before Mauli reads it, Manas takes it away and thanks Mauli. She feels weird.

Mauli takes away Jyoti again to tell her something. Akshay talks to someone for a franchise of sarees. Jyoti goes to the kitchen and tries to take out the paper from Manas’s pocket. She asks him to bring down a box from above and pulls out the paper and gives it to Mauli. Episode ends.

Precap : Mauli would be getting Ashna’s number and deciding to call her.

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