Mehndi Wala Ghar 5th June 2024 Written Update: Rahul gets engaged with Rati

Mehndi Wala Ghar 5th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jyoti requesting Janki Maa to accept the relationship of Rahul and Mauli. Janki maa reply even if Jyoti begs, her decision won’t be changed. Jyoti feels Janki maa is stopping her to say the truth to everyone because it will make Jyoti bad in front of every family member. Janki says if the truth comes out, the house will again get broken in parts. Tanvi and Vijay won’t ever accept Mauli as they are daughter in law and as Rahul is stubborn, to be with Mauli he will even leave his parents. A misunderstanding between Vijay and Manoj will be created that will break the house again. Jyoti says she would have done everything to keep the words of Janki maa but in this regard she won’t listen to her and will tell everyone that fact. Janki ma is fine with it but says is anything happens in the family Jyoti will be responsible for that.

Jyoti prays to God so that Rahul and Mauli can be together. The family is seen playing dumshcharades and Rahul gives the right answer to Mauli. Janki Ma talks to Rahul about how his engagement with Rati will make everyone happy in the family. Though Janki ma is sad that she has to break the hearts to keep the bonding of the family intact.

Rahul gets engaged to Rati against his will. He intentionally falls down the engagement ring in the ground that goes rotating towards Mauli. Rahul wants Mauli to say that she loves him for once and he is ready to cancel the engagement, Mauli on the other hand feels she doesn’t have any right on Rahul. The family is really happy with the occasion and starts celebrating the event. They congratulate the couple and give blessing to them.

Janki man comes to Mauli’s room. Seeing Mauli’s red eyes Janki maa asks about it and Mauli lies. She says she is going to miss the house very much. Janki maa gifts Mauli the Ramayan that was gifted to her by her father in law in earlier days. Janki man feels as Mauli has the capability to make the bonding of the family stronger, she deserves it. Mauli feels blessed and grateful.

The family members are about to leave for their respective destinations. Janki Ma gifts them their favourite food items. They remember all the precious moments that had spent.

Rati is really excited for her wedding. She asks Mauli to witness the ceremony along with the family. Mauli wishes her good luck. Mauli asks Rahul to come India and also invite him to their house in Mumbai but Rahul denies saying he will never come to India and this is going to be their last meeting.

Precap- Mauli will give Rahul Mehendi leaves so that Rati can put that on her wedding day. Akshay will ask Jyoti what is going in her mind. Jyoti will say she has got a plan that will compel everyone to come back.

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