Mehndi Wala Ghar 6th June 2024 Written Update: Jyoti’s plan to bring her family back

Mehndi Wala Ghar 6th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with the pensive scene since Mauli is about to leave Mehndi wala house. Mauli tries her best to hide her emotions. A extreme storm blows inside the heart of Rahul but he couldn’t show it. Manoj also feels very down due to his separation from other four brothers. Jyoti asks the apology from Mauli, since she has failed to fulfill her wish. Mauli embraces her with love. Everyone of the house feels very emotional giving them adieu to the whole family. Manoj reminds the medicines to his father. Nanhe feels extremely sad assuming the absence of Manoj.

Finally, one by one bids them goodbye. Before heading for the airport, Mauli says she has something to say to Rahul and gives him a mehendi pouch. She also wishes him for his better future. Rahul again gets hurt when he realises that Mauli still doesn’t understand the love of him. When they all leave of the airport, Akshay breaks down in tears. He realises his mistakes and gets upset about all the family members leaving. Jyoti comes up with an idea to bring them back.

After a few minutes, three brothers get a videos of Akshay in which he requests them to return in Mehendi Wala Ghar. Manoj couldn’t understand what they should now. Tanvi suggests him to give him some time.
Standing infront of the Almighty, Jyoti prays to God and begs Him to bring them back.

Getting no reply from his brothers, Akshay feels extremely dissapointed. Janki Maa also realise that there is no one in her family left. She misses her sons and family. Hearing a sound of religious procession, Janki Maa comes outside holding a idol of Ram. Again the whole family return in Janki Wala Ghar. She gets overwhelmed getting her family back but Rahul and Mauli don’t return back. Jyoti expects that Rahul and Mauli also return home sooner or later.

In the airport, all the flights get cancelled due to the heavy stormy weather. They are arranged to stay in a specific hotel. Not getting any other extra room, Rati decides to live with Rahul. Seeing the absence mind of Rahul, Rati feels very disturbed. Suddenly, she notices Mauli who is coming in thensame hotel.

Episode ends.

Precap : Rahul and Mauli will dance together in the rain. Mauli will open her heart to Rahul and will say that she loves Rahul.

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