Mehndi Wala Ghar 7th June 2024 Written Update: Swara discloses some shocking facts

Mehndi Wala Ghar 7th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rati seeing Mauli entering the hotel and checking in. She tries her best to hide this fact from Rahul. She beats around the bush to divert his attention. Suddenly Rahul drags Rati aside and says few days back she wanted to know if he has feelings for anyone else, at that time he wasn’t sure of it but now he has understood that he loves Mauli. Rati tries to convince him to stay with her, she even feels that Rahul might just be nervous, but Rahul says he is pretty sure about his feelings. He informs her he wanted to say these things earlier so that their engagement could have cancelled, but he failed. He clearly states that he doesn’t see any future with her. Rati leaves the place crying. Vaibhav calls Rati to get information about their flight . Hearing her crying, he asks about it and Rati lets him know everything . Vaibhav says he is sure that the relationship won’t last as one of them lives in London and the other in Mumbai. He feels Rahul being innocent, got into the trap of Mauli, he advises Rati to take control of the situation once she and Rahul go back to London. Rati promises herself that she won’t let Rahul and Mauli get united.

The family is seen discussing their future plans and career. Manoj decides either to join a local hospital or open a clinic. Vijay says he will open a restaurant. Ajay is upset and says he is in debt to Swara’s family. As he has taken loan to help the house and couldn’t repay it, he has to stay in Jabalpur. Janki maa suspects something and takes Swara away to talk to her. She asks her why she has hidden the fact that the amount he had offered was rejected by Nanhe. Swara replies she doesn’t want the family to stay together. As Vijay is too wealthy, the lifestyle they had provided to Rahul, couldn’t be provided to Vaibhav by them. And if any day Vaibhav comes to know that his original parents are Vijay and Tanvi not Ajay and Swara, he won’t accept them as his parents anymore. Ajay overhears everything and is shattered.

Rati comes to Mauli’s room with juice and food. She says as Rahul and his brother have fallen asleep she was bored and has come to have some company with Mauli. Rati has mixed alcohol in Mauli’s drink that makes her dizzy. Accidentally the drink gets exchanged and both of them get drunk. Being intoxicated, both of them confess what they have in their mind and what they feel about Rahul. Rati fells asleep in the room. Drunk Mauli decides to tell Rahul that she loves him.

Rahul is looking for Rati. Suddenly it starts raining heavily. Mauli gets drenched in the rain. Rahul too comes out seeing her. Both of them get wet in the rain and star to dance in the rain. They get closer.

Episode ends.

Precap- Mauli will confess that she loves Rahul. Rahul will be happy to hear this and will confess his feelings too.

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