Mehndi Wala Ghar: Manas’s plea will put Mauli in a tough spot!

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Sony Entertainment Television’s show Mehndi Wala Ghar is gearing up for more drama where Rahul advises Mauli not to sacrifice her happiness.

In the previous episode, we saw that Vijay taunted Manoj for Manas’s act, which led Ajanta to justify his act. Akshay demanded Mauli to leave, but Janki maa stopped Mauli from leaving the house. She also determined to unite Mauli and Manas, which shocked and upset both Mauli and Rahul.

Mauli prayed God to give her strength to tell Manoj that she didn’t want to give another chance to Manas in her life. She got confused for not being able to find Manoj in the house. Rahul advised her to speak with Janki maa and also not to sacrifice her happiness for anyone anymore.

Ajanta and Manoj learned that Manas was in police station. So they both rushed to the police station with Ajay. Manas begged Manoj to forgive him for not listening to him. He also told his family that he was fooled by Aasna. Manoj got emotional.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Mauli will go to Janki maa. She will say that she wants to speak with her. Rahul will encouragingly sign at Mauli from far. Janki maa will ask Mauli to tell her what’s in her mind. She will then look at something ahead of her and get shocked so Mauli will turn around.

Manoj, Ajanta, and Ajay will bring an injured Manas home. Both Rahul and Mauli will look shocked. Manas will fall on his knees in front of Mauli. He will plead with her to forgive him and also give their marriage another chance. Mauli will become speechless. Rahul will get furiously state that Manas is acting.

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