Mehndi Wala Ghar: Mauli in a dilemma!

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Sony Entertainment Television’s show Mehndi Wala Ghar is gearing up with more drama with Vikram and his family’s arrival leave Janki maa in a tough spot.


In the previous episode, we saw that Mauli scolded Rahul for following her everywhere. Rahul advised Mauli not to waste her energy over the Agrewal’s fight and then left. Mauli met Hari, who told her that they can’t do anything much, but Mauli got determined to help Manoj get forgiveness. So she asked Hari to share with her everything that happened 24 years ago. Janki reminded Mauli about her decision, and then she left the place.

Manoj told Nanhe that he won’t leave the house until he got his and the family members’ forgiveness. He also justified his decision to marry Ajanta. Hari shared with Mauli about the marriage alliance of Manoj and Manisha. Also, Manoj eloped with Ajanta before the wedding day so that family broke Manisha’s alliance, too. He also told her that Vijay’s decision to leave the house was to become a better person than Manoj who betrayed them despite the sacrifices they made for him.

Vijay shared his agony. He also he praised Tanvi for the sacrifice she made for the family. They both got emotional seeing Vaibhav with his family. Ajay shared his agony with Swara, and then he left the place. Swara prayed God to help her hide her deeds that separated Ajay from his family. Mauli learned about Ajay’s sacrifice, too. Rahul and Mauli challenged each other.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that the Agrewal family will be seen making arrangements for Mini’s marriage. Everyone will look happy. Janki maa will bless Mini. Someone will cut off the rope of the decorations, which will fall to the ground, leaving the family members shocked. Mauli will try to follow the person, but she will fail to catch that person. She will then wonder whether one of the family members caused this accident.

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