Mehul to threaten Meenakshi in Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke airing in Star Plus has its own tricks to keep the audience glued to the TV scenes. In the upcoming episodes, Meenakshi will accuse Mehul of stealing the property papers and will warn him.

Meenakshi will then tell Mehul that she will expose him in front of Abir. Mehul will then get tensed up and will threaten Meenakshi that he will kill her if she does not hand over the property papers to him. Meanwhile, Kunal will receive a phone call and will be tensed after that call. Mehul will think of something really quick and will plan to mislead Abir. Misti will hug Abir and will assure him that she will not leave him at any cost.

Later, Kunal will also come there and will let Abir know that Meenakshi is in some trouble and she needs them. Abir will wonder what could have happened and will think of how he could leave all of a sudden. Then, Misti will assure him and will ask him to go. Finally, Abir and Kunal will leave to meet Meenakshi.

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