Mera Balam Thanedaar 10th June 2024 Written Update: Drishti feels jealous

Mera Balam Thanedaar 10th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vaayu forcing Drishti to eat the golgappe. She eats it and feels spicy. She runs from there to drink the water. Vaayu says to Varadha that she was trying to snatch Bulbul’s place. No one can replace Bulbul. Drishti thinks that she won’t leave him once she become a daughter-in-law of that house. Bulbul touched Drishti’s shoulder. She is shocked to see her there. Vaayu gets happy. Drishti asks her why did she escaped from the jail. She is creating a problem here. Bulbul says that she wanted to complete the rasam so return her dress to her asap. Drishti asks her if she escaped from the jail to do this rasam? Veer says that she didn’t escaped from the jail. She got bail. Actually he catch the real culprit and proved Bulbul’s innocence. He asks Drishti to return her things they don’t have enough time. Bulbul thinks that Drishti tried to created a misunderstanding between Varnika and her. She won’t forgive her for it. Meanwhile, Sulakshana fears that someone shouldn’t identify Drishti wears the ghunghat. Vaayu says that everything will be alright. He informs them that Veer proved Bulbul’s innocence and brought her to the function.

Sulakshana gets happy to hear it. She likes to visit their ancestors temple after the function. Bulbul wears her saree. Drishti says that she returned everything to her. Veer comes there and admires her. She holds his hand and about to leave from there. Bulbul stops him. Bulbul says to Drishti that she took small, small things from her. She doesn’t care about it all. Bulbul says that she is still wearing the nuptial chain of her. Sulakshana created it in the name of Veer. She asks her to return it to her. Drishti thinks that she is showing attitude to her. She is looking like an Veer’s wife now. Bulbul asks him to make her wear it. He says that she is already wearing the nuptial chain. She says that she can wear two nuptial chain. He makes her wear it. He takes evil eyes from her. He praised her beauty. Drishti feels jealous to see their bond. He flirts with Bulbul and makes her wear the ghunghat. Bulbul asks Drishti to leave. Vaayu says to Sulakshana that Bulbul is back. She takes her blessing. Varadha blessed her. Drishti disliked to see it all.

Jyothi comes there and says that she understood why did Bulbul hide her face in ghunghat. She wanted to show her face to her husband first. Bulbul is about to reveal the truth to her. Sulakshana says that she don’t want to hear anything. She is happy to hear that she is innocent. Let’s discuss about it in home. Varnika hugs Bulbul. Bulbul ties the Sahara to the groom. Veer and Bulbul shares their eye lock. They are talking through their eyes. Veer is admiring Bulbul which makes Drishti jealous. Veer thinks that he promised to complete all the rituals with her. He fulfilled his promise. Kaveri says to Drishti that Bulbul isn’t going to leave Veer. She asks her to stop dreaming about become Veer’s wife. Later, Veer takes Bulbul back to home. She shares her grief with Veer. Veer tells her that he knew well that she is innocent. She says that she feels happy to hear him mentioned that she is his Bulbul. He carried her in his arms. The family members welcomes her happily.

Bulbul says to Veer that she missed this room and the things. He complaints that she didn’t missed him. She adds that he was with her in the police station. She saw him there. Veer asks her if she liked him or not? She shares with him how much she likes him. She falls asleep. He kissed on her head and says that he missed her a lot.

Episode end

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