Mera Balam Thanedaar 11th June 2024 Written Update: The principal changed his statement in the court

Mera Balam Thanedaar 11th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bulbul complaining to Veer that alaram didn’t ring. She is late. Veer says that he turned it off. She needs a proper rest. If she needs she can sleep more. Bulbul says that she slept in his bed. He tells her it’s her bed from today. She asks him where will he sleep then? He pointed the sofa. She says to him that he is over height. He can’t sleep in the sofa. Veer says to her that she is his better half. Let’s share the things. Veer says that nothing is equal to Varnika. She risked her life to save her. He asks her if she needs anything from him. She tells him that she likes to see him smiling like this always. He looks cute while smiling. She kissed him in an excitement.

She tries to divert the concept. Veer tells her that today is Principal case coming in the court. She says that she wanted to attend the court hearing. Veer asks her to go to the college straight. Her exam is nearing. She has to prepare for her exam. She tries to convince him. He denied it. She challenged him to play a game with her. If he failed then she will go to the court along with him. Veer thinks that it’s better to take her to the court or else she will reach to the court at any cost. He says that he will take her to the court. He advises her to concentrate on her studies. She might score 80% in the exam. She nodded to him.

Vaayu talking with his father in a video call. He shows to them Vaani and Viyuk are painting. Varadha says to him that Sulakshana is guilty for suspecting Bulbul. Sulakshana complaints that Bulbul likes to give a shock to everyone. She asked her manytimes if she hiding anything from them? She will support her. She didn’t say anything to her. She wanted to fight alone in this matter. Viyuk says to Vaayu that this house looks empty without Sulakshana and Varadha. Vaayu imitate Sulakshana. They burst out in a laugh. Meanwhile, Varnika and Bulbul reach to the court along with Veer.

Varnika says to Bulbul that this lawyer is looking so confident. Bulbul says that he is rich. He may he try to change everything in the court. But Veer won’t leave him. He will lock him. Bulbul notices Drishti touching Veer. She disliked it. The judge comes to the court. He is Riya’s father. He asks Drishti to start her argument. The lawyer says to the judge that the principal wanted to confess his mistakes. The principal says to the court that he didn’t killed Avilash. He don’t have any intention to kill Avilash.

The Principal lies in the court that he finds out Avilash’s dirty game. He tried to stop him. But he ended up dead in the fight. He doesn’t have any intention to kill him. Bulbul says that he is lying. He ruined many girls life. He doesn’t have any fear on the god. The judge warns her to stay quiet. Veer says that he is changing the topic. He ruined many girls life. Because of him many peoples are affected. The judge warns him. Veer asks Bulbul to calm down. Bulbul lashes out at the principal. Drishti asks her to keep quiet. The principal says to him that he catch Avilash. He tried to kill him. He pushed him for a self-defense.

Avilash scammed with the girls. ACP Veer and Bulbul are behind him. He couldn’t catch Avilash red-handed. That is why he trapped him in it. Veer thinks that the principal only confessed that he killed Avilash. He is behind the scam. The judge asks him to proceed the final report. Bulbul requests Veer not to leave him. Later, Veer questions the principal. The principal says that he can’t prove it. He can’t bring the girls to the court to confess that he took their dirty pictures and videos. They won’t come here because their name and family reputation is important to them. He says that even Varnika won’t come to the court. He can’t prove that he is Sir ji. No one girls will expose themselves to the media. The principal says that he can viral the video. He shares the laptop password to him. He says that he has an backup of those girls pictures. Later, Bulbul is preparing for the exam. Vaayu says that the principal admitted the crime. But he said it was self defence. Bulbul says that Veer won’t leave him.

Episode ends

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