Mera Balam Thanedaar 12th February 2024 Written Update: Devendar threatens Bulbul

Mera Balam Thanedaar 12th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bulbul asking Geeta why she didn’t stop Devendar from making her fake birth certificate. Geeta says that she failed to stop Devendar so she supported him to fulfill a wife’s duty. Bulbul recalls Veer’s words and says that the trust and respect are the base of a relationship. She says that Geeta hid the truth to support her husband, but what about her and the trust Veer shows on her. She says that Veer held her hand in her difficult moment. She further says that Veer, who can risk his life to stop minor wedding, does know the truth. She asks how who Geeta who is also against minor marriage did this.


Vayu teases Veer over the phone. Varadhan asks Veer when he is returning with Bulbul. Veer says that they will return once Bulbul returns. Devendar gets new clothes for Veer to make him happy so that Mangal can forgive his loans. Ambar gets sweet for Veer. Veer asks Devendar where Bulbul is. Devendar says that Geeta took Bulbul to the temple as a part of a ritual. He suggests taking Veer there. They leave.

Geeta says to Bulbul that she tried how she tried to tell Veer the truth by writing a letter to him and her plan failed. The same FB shows.
Geeta then tells that she tried to tell the truth to Veer again by showing Bulbul’s original certificate. But Devendar stopped her. The same FB shows. Devendar manipulates Geeta and threatens to kill Bulbul if Veer and Bulbul marriage doesn’t take place. The FB ends. Geeta says that she didn’t stop Bulbul and Veer’s marriage to save Bulbul. She says that she lied for her goodness.

Bulbul says that everything will be over if Veer discovers the truth. She says that she will the truth to Veer. She says that she will tell Veer that she’s not 18 years old so he married a minor. Devendar and Veer arrive there. But Veer leaves aside getting his higer officer call, so he didn’t hear Bulbul. Devendar shouts at Bulbul. The latter says that she learned the truth and is determined to tell Veer the truth.

Devendar drags Bulbul outside the temple and scolds her for wanting to ruin her happy married life by telling Veer the truth. Devendar says that he won’t let it happen. Bulbul refuses to lie to Veer anymore. Devendar stops Bulbul and threatens her. Bulbul says stop. She refuses not to tell Veer the truth getting scared of Devendar. She says that Veer gave her that courage. Bulbul says that Devendar lost his respect in her eyes by betraying Veer.

Bulbul is about to leave to tell Veer the truth. Devendar stops Bulbul and shows a video recording of Geeta burning Bulbul’s original certificate, shocking Geeta and Bulbul. Devendar says that if Bulbul tells the truth to Veer, he will blame Geeta and Geeta will get jailed. Geeta says that Devendar asked her to burn Bulbul’s original certificate. Devendar says that Geeta doesn’t have evidence to prove it, but he has evidence.

Devendar blackmails Bulbul to frame Geeta. However, Geeta to lie anymore to Veer and asks Bulbul to tell Veer the truth since she has to get punished for supporting Devendar. Devendar says that even Bulbul’s in-laws will get punished and Veer’s reputation will be ruined. Devendar says that it’s a matter of 6 months then no one will get punished. He asks either Bulbul to keep her mouth shut till 6 months else ruin everything by telling Veer the truth.

Just then, Veer arrives and says that minor marriage is illegal shocking Bulbul and her family. Veer says that Rana’s crime got proven and he is going to get punished. He thanks Bulbul for helping him to stop mass marriage. Veer and Bulbul perform the puja. Bulbul is in a dilemma and asks God to help her.

The episode ends.

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