Mera Balam Thanedaar 12th June 2024 Written Update: Varnika’s truth come out in front of the family members

Mera Balam Thanedaar 12th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veer checking the principal laptop. He is shocked to see Varnika’s photos is in it. He recalls the principal said to him that everyone can watch Varnika’s photos in online. She will die in shame. Veer gets emotional. Later, Veer is discussing with Drishti about the case. Bulbul says to Veer that he is a monster. He might punish the principal. He scammed many girls. He promised to her that he will punish her. Veer says that he is an police officer. But he is also Varnika’s chachu. If he takes this incidents to the court then all the girls name will be mentioned in the court including Varnika.

Our family reputation matters. Same thing happened in Vaani’s life. Bulbul says that neither Vaani nor Varnika is wrong in it. He might punish the culprit. Veer says that the principal had the back up of all the girls picture and video including Varnika. Sulakshana drops the thali down in shock. Vishesh asks them what’s he saying. Sulakshana asks Veer if Varnika’s dirty pictures is in the principal hand. Vishesh asks Varnika it’s true? She nodded to him.

Vishesh slaps her. He complaints to her that he loved her and gave freedom to her but she applied it. She betrayed him. Bulbul helps Varnika and says that she isn’t wrong. Vishesh asks her to stay away from his daughter. Because of her she is taking a decision in her own. Varnika apologized to him and says that Bulbul warned her manytimes to stay away from Avilash. She didn’t listened to her. Vishesh asks her to stop it. Bulbul says that it’s not her mistake but the principal. Sulakshana says that she doesn’t care about it all. She can’t see the people badmouthing on them again. She already faced the humiliation in Vaani’s matter but not anymore. She demanded them not to involve in this case anymore.

Its her final decision. She says to Bulbul that she can understand that she took the blame on her to save Varnika. She did everything for her and stayed quiet. She can’t forget that help of her lifelong. She asks her to promise her that she won’t do anything which affects their family reputation. Bulbul promised to her. She hugs her. Vardha says that he supported Bulbul when Sulakshana was against her. But he is with Sulakshana in this matter. Veer gets emotional hearing it.

Later, Bulbul is arranging everything for her college. Veer comes there and says that today is their movie date. She tells him that she isn’t in a good mood to watch a movie. He says that Karthick Aryan movie is in it. She gets excited hearing his name. She says that it’s dark outside. She has to attend the college tomorrow. He has duty.

Veer says that he wanted to know why she is a biggest fan of Karthick Aryan. He can dance better then him. Bulbul smiled seeing it. Veer makes her happy. He says that he likes to see her smiling. Later, Veer drops Varnika and Bulbul to the college. He asks them to concentrate on their studies. They heard the students are praising the principal for saved Girls reputation. They wanted to file a petition to bring him out. Bulbul gets trusted to hear it. Vishesh shares his fear with Varadha. He consoles him. Sulakshana thinks that if Varnika’s mom is alive then she would have guided her. Later, Bulbul prays to the god to show a right path to her. She gets a quote which motivating her to fight back. She is determined to punish the principal. She talked with Veer about it.

Episode end

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