Mera Balam Thanedaar 14th February 2024 Written Update: Drishti stays stubborn

Mera Balam Thanedaar 14th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veer asking Bulbul to reveal the truth. She hesitates to reveal it to him. She recalls her father warning to her. Veer asks her to take her own time. He says that he has a surprise for her. He brings golgappe there. He says that he is aware she gave up for him. Veer says that she can’t lie to him. She says that she will get punishment for it. Veer says that she is a police officer wife. She fought with the goons. She can be bold like that. She shouldn’t try to hide anything from him. He is aware that she likes Golgappe a lot. She asks him whom said it to him? He says that Drishti. She gets upset hearing it. He asks her to eat it. She tells him that he can’t force her to eat it. He feeds to her. Meanwhile, Drishti is watching Veer’s video. Geetha asks her how could she watch it? Drishti says that Vayu uploaded it in the social media. The whole world is watching it. She can watch it too. Drishti asks her why she is behaving like this to her. Geetha says that she got an good family and a groom. But she eloped from the mandap. Our family faced the humiliation. Bulbul takes her place to save their reputation.


Geetha says that she is thinking about her sister’s husband. It’s wrong. She shouldn’t fall stoop like this. She asks her why did she return to the house? Geetha leaves from there. Drishti thinks that whatever she says she won’t change her decision. She will prove that Bulbul isn’t a suitable person to Veer. Meanwhile, Bulbul is eating golgappe. Veer comes close to her. Bulbul gets panic and gets up. He gives his kerchief to her to wipe her lips. He says to her that they married in an unexpected situation. He doesn’t want to rush anything. He tells her let’s take 6 months time to know each other. She recalls her father’s word. He says that let’s start our relationship after it. Bulbul thinks that she doesn’t know what to do. Later, Veer noticed Drishti’s photo. He thinks that he loves her. But he married to Bulbul. He promised her to start a new life with her. He has to remove her photo from his room. He removed her picture.

Bulbul has a nightmare. She prays god, it’s shouldn’t happen. The servant asks her if she wake up? Bulbul apologized to her for it. The servant says that she is lucky to get a good in laws. She don’t has a mother-in-law. She got married at 17 so she has so many responsibilities. At least Bulbul crossed her marriage age. Bulbul gets guilty hearing it. The servant asks her to come down asap. Bulbul assured her. She noticed that Drishti’s photo is missing in that room. Later, Bulbul gets ready. She noticed Veer holding a breakfast tray. He asks her if he going to eat in his room. He said that it’s for Veni. She asks him if he removed the photo? Veer says that it’s their room so he shouldn’t keep other’s photo in that room. He asks her if she want to meet Veni? She nodded to him. He introduced Bulbul to Veni. Bulbul asks her to be her friend. She shakes hands with her.

Bulbul tells him that she will feed food to her. Veni refuses to eat. Veer says that she used to eat with his hand. He feeds her. He assures Bulbul that she will get along with her asap. Bulbul gives water to her when she gets hiccups. Veer is surprised to see Veni was impressed by her. Later, Vayu gets fed up teaching the dialogue to Viyuk. Veer advises to Viyuk. He asks him to try it again. Bulbul helps him to learn the dialogue. She recalls the betrayal of her father while reading the dialogue. Bulbul conveys the he truth to him. Everyone appreciates her acting. Vardhan says that she said it from her heart. Veer explains the bond in a relationship. Bulbul thinks that she will do anything to save Veer.

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Precap; Bulbul’s smart plan

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