Mera Balam Thanedaar 26th March 2024 Written Update: Veer saves Bulbul from the fire

Mera Balam Thanedaar 26th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veer requesting the neighbours to help him. Someone says to him that fire engine isn’t coming because of the road block due to shiv ratri. Veer says that we have to do something to save Drishti from the fire. Drishti hears it and thinks that she is aware he will come to save her. She will do anything to get him back in her life. She is ready to sacrifice anything for him. Meanwhile, Sulakshana is shocked to see the video of Veer and Bulbul. The guest provokes her against Bulbul. They teases her by saying they went out to romance leaving the puja in the middle. Sulakshana says to the priest they won’t wait for them anymore. She will complete the puja with all the rituals. Varadha asks her to wait for sometime. She stops them. She asks the priest to start the puja. Meanwhile, Bulbul thinks that she can’t wait till the fire engine come. She has to do something to save her sister. Drishti thinks that her love will win but Bulbul’s marriage burn in this fire. Bulbul breaks the window. Bulbul thinks that Veer will come to save her.

Bulbul breaks the door and shouts Drishti’s name. Drishti keeps silent there. Bulbul thinks that she has to go inside. She entered into the house. Veer noticed it and tried to stop her. Drishti hides her phone and pretends like helpless. Varmika asks Sulakshana to drink this water. She refuses to drink the water reasoning she is fasting. Varmika provokes Sulakshana against Bulbul. Veer worries about Bulbul and breaks the window to go inside the house. Drishti alerts Bulbul. Bulbul prays to the god. Veer searched for Bulbul in the fire. Sulakshana feels restless. Varadha consoles her. Glass shreds pierced into Bulbul’s feet. Veer comes there and notices Bulbul. Drishti calls him to help her. Sulakshana completes the puja and ask the guest to drink the juice. The guest are badmouthing on Bulbul in front of Sulakshana. She feels upset. Varadha asks her to take a rest.

Sulakshana says to him that puja is completed. She has to pay for it. Veer goes near Bulbul. Drishti shouts for help. He hesitated to help Drishti when Bulbul is in danger. Bulbul brings blanket to cover Drishti. Veer asks Drishti to stand up. Bulbul requests him to save her sister first. Drishti hugs him. He scolds her for not listened to his precautions. He notices Bulbul taking the precautions to protect herself. He appreciates her and ask her not to come out. Drishti clings with Veer. Meanwhile, Sulakshana complaints to Varadha that he stopped her from checking Bulbul’s horoscope. She couldn’t complete her promise to the god. She has to do the puja in the temple. Veer takes Drishti out of the fire. She couldn’t stop Veer anymore. He asks them to call the doctor. Veer returns to save Bulbul. She asks him to leave. He asks her to believe him. She tells him that she believes him more then herself. She holds her hand and pulls her close to him. She hugs him. Bulbul covered him with the quilt. He asks her what’s she doing? She makes him wear it.

Varadha says to Sulakshana that she is stubborn. They left from the puja for some important reason. Varmika says that Bulbul is the reason for it. She was busy in romancing with Veer. Vaayu argues with her. Varadha asks them to stop fighting. Bulbul says to Veer that her nuptial chain is missing. He tells her that he will buy new one. She tells him that only one nuptial chain is there. He tied it on her neck. He starts checking for it. She shouts to be careful. He finds the nuptial chain. He carried her in his arms and takes her out of the fire. They shares an eye lock. Neighbour praising them.

Episode end

Precap; Bulbul blabbered the truth to Veer

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