Mera Balam Thanedaar 2nd April 2024 Written Update: Veer takes a stand for Bulbul

Mera Balam Thanedaar 2nd April 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vaayu asking Veer if he gifted this saree to Bulbul? Veer is disappointed to see Bulbul isn’t wearing the saree which he gifted for her. Drishti introduced herself to DIG’s wife. She says that she looks beautiful. She is perfect to Veer. Sulakshana tells her that she isn’t Veer’s wife. She is Bulbul’s wife. Bulbul is Veer’s wife. She asks Veer to introduce his wife to DIG. Bulbul says to Veer that she was about to wear the saree, he gifted for her. But she doesn’t know how did it burnt. Veer gets disappointed and leaves. Drishti recalls the way she was behind it all. She thinks that it was the gift from her side. Bulbul greeted DIG. He asks them to stand together. He wants to take their photo. Veer hesitated to touch her. Drishti feels happy. Bulbul asks Drishti to write the letter for her. It seems Veer is angry with her. DIJ is praising Veer in front of everyone. Drishti gives the letter to her. She asks her to read it from her heart. Varadha asks Sulakshana to praise Veer. Bulbul goes to the state before her. She struggles to read the letter in English. The guest are making fun of her. Sulakshana asks Bulbul to stop it. Bulbul says that she wanted to complete her words. She requested her.

Bulbul apologized to everyone. She says that she couldn’t talk in English. She wanted to make him happy. That is why she tried to talk in English. She couldn’t do it. She asks them not to misunderstand Veer. He is a good person. He married to her. She is not educated well. She is a slow learner. Though he is supporting her and teaching her with lots of love. He is a good son to Sulakshana. He is a perfect police officer. He is working sincerely for the people. The guest makes fun of her for mentioning him as Thanedar. He says that she promoted him. Bulbul says that she used to call him like that. She knew that he is a IPS. Sulakshana asks Bulbul to stop it. She tells her that she wanted to make him happy. Sulakshana says that she was insulting him in front of everyone. She ruined his important day in his life. Bulbul runs from there. Drishti thinks that she created lots of fun today. Varmika provokes Sulakshana against Bulbul. She says that she insulted him in front of everyone.

Vaayu says to Veer that Bulbul tried to impress him. She wanted to surprise him. She tried a lot but they made fun of her. Why he is not supporting her? Veer says that he can’t support her often. She has to take a stand for herself. He believes that she can do it. Vaayu says that he can’t understand anything. Bulbul recalls everything and cries. Veer feels disappointed and leaves from there. DIJ’s wife Shalini complaints to everyone that necklace is missing. She says that her daughter was wearing a diamond necklace but it is missing. Veer asks her to calm down. Let’s search for it. She complaints that they can’t find it because someone stole it. She accused the servant. Bulbul comes there and says that she is working in their family for many years. She can’t do this. Shalini says that she is the only person working here. Others are well educated and rich. She stole the diamond necklace. Sulakshana says that she can give the guarantee that she didn’t steal it. Shalini is adamant in her words.

Bulbul finds the diamond necklace surprising everyone. That child informs them that mom forced her to wear it. Bulbul says that Veer always advised her not to blame anyone without a proof. He is a good police office. Shalini is DIG wife. She has to behave. Nothing is in education. Veer says that Shalini looked down on Bulbul for not studied well. She has good quality. Whatever she did to make him happy. She made fun of her. He won’t get a partner like Bulbul in his next birth too. She is perfect to him. DIJ praised her as intelligent. He is lucky to get her. Drishti fumes hearing it. She wanted to separate them. She demand the priest to write the horoscope asap. The priest says to the priest that Veer shouldn’t have married Bulbul. Bulbul prevents Veer from fall down.

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