Mera Balam Thanedaar 30th May 2024 Written Update: Veer’s love for Bulbul

Mera Balam Thanedaar 30th May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veer ignoring Bulbul. He asks Druv to open the cell. Bulbul gets emotional. He asks Druv to file the case against Bulbul. Prisoners are shocked to hear that she is his wife. He leaves from there in a heavy heart. Bulbul thinks that she thought to study well and make him feel proud with her report. She ruined everything. Meanwhile, Sulakshana says that they can’t skip this wedding. Vishesh says that everyone will ask them about Bulbul. Kaveri says that Bulbul did all the rituals. She can’t do this rasam because they can find her asap. She can’t wear a ghunghat and pretends like Bulbul. Sulakshana gets an idea and ask them to leave. She will bring daughter-in-law along with her. Varadha asks her what’s she doing. We can’t lie to them. Sulakshana asks them to leave. Meanwhile, prisoners are provoking Bulbul against her family. They are complaining about her family. Bulbul asks them to shut up. She says that Sulakshana looks rough and tough from outside but she is very sweet and innocent person. She loves everyone. She praised her family members in front of them. She says that Veer is a loving person. He takes care of her a lot. He locked her behind the bar to complete his duty. He is a honest person. She says that it’s all her mistake. She broke their heart.

Bulbul is staring Veer. Bulbul feels thirsty. She tries to drink the water but the water pot falls down and broken. Her feets hurt. Veer rushes to help her but stops in the middle. He send the constable to help her. Bulbul applies oinment to her wound. Prisoners are making fun of Bulbul. Veer gets emotional hearing it. Meanwhile, Jyothi asks Varadha about Sulakshana and Bulbul. They agreed to do the Kalash puja. Vishesh says to Varadha it seems we have to reveal the truth to them. He is about to reveal the truth. Sulakshana comes there along with a girl. She was wearing a ghunghat. She says to Jyothi that Bulbul got hurt that is why she got late. Sulakshana recalls the way she met Drishti. She says to her that Drishti was right. She misunderstood Bulbul as an innocent. She says that now her family respect is in her hand now. Geetha asks her what’s she saying? Sulakshana says that Bulbul is a murderer. She ruined their family reputation. She asks Drishti to save their family reputation. Drishti assures her that she will make sure to do this kalash puja.

Varadha asks Sulakshana if she took Bulbul out in a bail. She says that she promised to Jyothi that Bulbul will do this kalash puja. She is Drishti. He gets angry hearing it. Sulakshana says that she can’t bring Bulbul that is why she took Drishti’s help. Drishti starts the puja. She thinks that the destiny is weird. She couldn’t marry Veer but she is doing this puja to save his family reputation. She will get back her Veer. Sulakshana worries about Veer. The constable asks Bulbul to eat the food and leaves. Veer is working there. He worried about Bulbul. He changed his clothes and meet Bulbul. She hugs him and cries. He hugs her back. He gives water to her. Bulbul shares her grief with him. She says that she ruined their family reputation. She apologized to him for her mistake. Veer says that all the evidence is against her but his heart is saying that she is innocent. She can’t do this. The truth is something else. She is hiding it from him.

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