Mera Balam Thanedaar 31st May 2024 Written Update: Bulbul takes a stand for Veer

Mera Balam Thanedaar 31st May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veer saying to Bulbul that we promised each other not to hide anything in their life. Veer says that Bulbul lied to him often. She diverted his case. If she isn’t trusting in the police means she can share it with her husband. He would have helped her in it. Doesn’t she trust him? He is aware that Avinash scammed the girls by blackmailing with their picture and videos. Bulbul went to meet Avilash in between the function means something else happened. She is forced to meet him. He asks her to reveal the truth to him. Veer asks her if he did something to her? He gets curious. She denied it. He feels relieved. He says that Varnika went with her on that day. If he blackmailed Varnika? Bulbul lies to him. She says that she sent her to the another parlour. she just take promise from her to hide it from them. Bulbul says to him that Avilash is the reason for Riya’s suicide. He was threatening her to release her picture. One of the girl sent her to him. He spiked her drinks. She acts like drink it. She wanted to go to his room. She was shocked to see many girls pictures are there. Avilash fought with her when he gained his consciousness.

Bulbul says that she pushed him to save her life. Veer says that he feels like she isn’t revealing the whole truth to him yet. He leaves from there. Later, Veer learns from Druv that sir ji is involved in this case. He called Avilash manytimes. His location was near by Bulbul in the college. He thinks that he has the connection from the college. He asks him to contact the cyber team to track that number. The commissioner arrived there. He says to Veer that Bulbul is his wife. She is the prime suspect. He is handovering this case to someone else. Bulbul stops him. She says that Veer is a honest police officer. If he loves his wife more then his duty then he wouldn’t have arrested her. He just needs two minutes to hide this matter. If he gives this case to someone else then everyone will lose the hope on the police. The commissioner says to Veer that he is giving a chance to him. He has to finish this case within three days or else he will give this case to someone else.

The commissioner talks with Bulbul alone in his room. He asks Bulbul to share with him if she is hiding anything from Veer. Because of her, Veer’s carrier is a mess. She didn’t think about her family reputation too. Bulbul says that she has a reason to hide this all. She did this all for the family sake. Meanwhile, Sulakshana thanked Drishti for saved their reputation. Viyuk says that he is missing Bulbul a lot. Vayu says that she will come back asap to take care of her. Sulakshana feels dizzy. Varadha takes care of her. Later, Veer gets the forensic report. He says that all the evidence is against Bulbul. Bulbul notices the butterfly on the floor. She stops Shanthi from step on it. She cares for that little soul. Shanthi says that she killed someone but pretends to care for that butterfly. Veer recalls the way Bulbul took the blame on her head for the family sake. He gets suspicious and connected this incident to it.

Vishesh says to Varadha that Bulbul isn’t a suitable person to this house. He badmouthing on her. Varnika loses her cool. She supported Bulbul. Drishti gets suspicious. Later, Geetha tried to meet Bulbul but Veer didn’t allow her. She pleads with him. Bulbul tells her that she did everything for the family sake. Veer didn’t give the permission to Varadha to meet Bulbul. He gives the permission letter to him.

Episode end

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