Mera Balam Thanedaar 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Veer suspects Varnika

Mera Balam Thanedaar 3rd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Varadha asking Bulbul to share with him what’s she hiding from everyone. She is his friend. Bulbul requests him to take care of Veer. He didn’t eat anything since yesterday. Varadha says that she is also starving. He says that he is believing her. She didn’t do anything anything wrong. Meanwhile, Drishti asks Varnika why she is scared. Varnika says that Bulbul is in jail. Drishti says that she is her lawyer. She is going to fight for Bulbul. She asks Varnika to share it with her. Bulbul will be inside the jail life long. Varnika says that it’s all her mistake. Bulbul went to jail to protect her. Varadha says to Veer that she isn’t revealing any truth to him. But he is sure that she is innocent. Veer noticed Bulbul playing with the butterfly. Drishti says to Varnika that Sulakshana falls sick after learnt that Bulbul is wrong. She will die after she finds out that Varnika did it all. She says that Sulakshana locked Vani in her room after she became pregnant. What if she do the same with Varnika. She asks her to hide the truth from everyone. She advises her to stay away from Bulbul. Varnika assures to listen to Drishti. Later, Veer is thinking about Bulbul. Drishti becomes Bulbul’s lawyer. She meets Bulbul. She says to Bulbul that Varnika revealed the truth to her.

Drishti asks Bulbul to reveal the truth to Veer. Bulbul denied it reasoning Veer won’t allow anything bad happens to them. She didn’t do anything wrong. Drishti asks her if she going to stay in the jail lifelong. She advises her to reveal the truth. Bulbul denied it. She says that she is doing everything for her family. Veer heard it. He gets suspicious. Drishti asks her to do everything carefully. Shanthi takes Bulbul from there. Drishti thinks that she isn’t going to open her mouth. It’s favour to her. Drishti thinks that Bulbul will be inside the jail always. She won’t cross in her path. She lies to Veer that Bulbul isn’t revealing anything. She asks him to take care of himself and leaves. Veer gets a phone call and rushed to the crime spot. He checked the room thoroughly. He connected to that day incident. He narrated to Druv what happened on that day with his imagination.

Bulbul fears that something is bad going to happen. She wishes to light the diya. She asks Shanti to buy a Diya for her. Veer thinks that Bulbul didn’t drink the juice. She deliberately came with Avilash to destroy the evidence. He cuts her hand while fighting with her. This blood samples are the evidence. Avilash also consumed sleeping pills. He guessed that Bulbul given it to him. Bulbul and Avilash fought again. Bulbul pushed Avilash. Avilash’s head hits with the bed edge. He lose blood on that time. Druv says that he has the head injury in this picture. Veer says that they are missing something. Bulbul is doing puja inside the jail. She prayed to God. She says that she didn’t do anything intentionally. Varnika isn’t wrong. She asks him to save them. Veer says to Druv that forensic report saying that Avilash died because three time he got hit on his head. Bulbul left this place after that fight. Veer finds out that someone else came there and attacked Avilash with this stand. He finds out that Bulbul is innocent. She didn’t do this crime. She took the blame on her to protect someone else. He thinks who is it?

Vaani is creating a scene to meet Bulbul. Sulakshana asks Vaayu to control Vaani. Sulakshana worried about her family. Veer thinks that Bulbul may be trying to protect Varnika. Sulakshana says that if they wanted to see her alive then they shouldn’t take Bulbul’s name. She cuts all her ties with her. Veer asks her what if Varnika do the same. Sulakshana says that she will do the same with Varnika. She loses her control. Veer tried to manage her. Veer tried to talk with Varnika but she runs from there. Veer suspects that Varnika has some connections with this case.

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