Mera Balam Thanedaar 4th April 2024 Written Update: Drishti’s plan backfired at her

Mera Balam Thanedaar 4th April 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veer accepting Bulbul’s challenge. Vaayu says that he is on Veer’s side. Viyuk supporting Bulbul. She runs from there. Drishti comes to apply colors on Veer. He escapes from her. He runs behind Bulbul. Drishti goes behind him. Veer is busy in dancing with Bulbul. He mistakenly pushed Drishti. She tried to apply the colors on Veer. He goes to Bulbul. Drishti applied the colors on someone else. She fumes. She tries again but Vaani pushes her. Bulbul loses her balance but Veer holds her. Bulbul applied the colors on him. She says that she won in the challenge. She applied the colors to him first. She is dancing there happily. Drishti fumes seeing it. Geetha thinks that Bulbul has to live happily with Veer like this always. Bulbul says to Veer that she won and runs from there. Sulakshana notices them. Geetha says to her that Devendar brought the priest along with him. They are waiting for them. Drishti asks Vaani why did she pushed her? Vaani says that she don’t like her. She applied the colors on her. Varmika scolds her for talking like that. Vaani says that she is a good girl. She promised to Bulbul. Drishti fumes hearing it. She notices Sulakshana and Geetha are going somewhere. She thinks that Priest came there.

Sulakshana meets the priest. She asks him if he find any solution for the amavasya dhosh? The priest says that only one solution is there. A baby. If Bulbul give birth to a baby then it will save their life. Sulakshana is happy to hear it. Geetha glares at Devendra. Geetha says to Sulakshana that Bulbul is a child. Sulakshana tells her that she carried Vishesh at 19. Bulbul is ankr to do it. She will be matured after she become a mom. Geetha thinks that Bulbul is minor. She isn’t enough matured to carry a baby and intimate with Veer. Drishti is shocked to hear it. She thinks that they shouldn’t get close together. She can’t see them together. Sulakshana says that baby will bring the happiness to their house. Baby is the only solution to save Veer and Bulbul’s relationship. Drishti is frustrated with the priest plan. Veer and Bulbul are talking with the guest. Bulbul feels thirsty. Veer leaves to bring water.

Geetha searching for Bulbul. Drishti makes her fall. She falls into a water tub. Bulbul rushes to help her. Vaani hears the name Maa. She gets violet. She pushed Bulbul into a tub. She drowned her. Viyuk tries to stop her. She pushed him. She tried to attack him. Bulbul hugs him to protect him. Veer comes to stop her. He calm Vaani down. Drishti thinks that she can provoke Vaani using this. Bulbul lose her name in front of them. Bulbul apologized to them. She says that she wanted to make Vaani happy. Sulakshana says to Geetha that a baby will bring happiness. Everything will be alright. Bulbul is shivering there. Sulakshana asks Veer to take her inside. She advises her to change her dress. Meanwhile, Drishti calls the priest and scolds him. He tells her that he find an solution to unite them. Drishti thinks that she won’t allow them to unite. Meanwhile, Veer takes Bulbul to her room. He notices that she is coughing. He gives cough syrup to her. He notices that her back is swollen. He helps her to lay on his back. She tells him that she is sleepy. She fainted there. Veer worries about her health.

Varadha gives a surprise to Sulakshana. She informs him that she checked Bulbul’s horoscope. She has amavasya dhosh. If she gives a birth to a baby then everything will be alright. Varadha feels that Bulbul is too young. Sulakshana convinced him. She assures him to talk with them about it. Later, Geetha scolds her husband for lying to them. She says to him that Bulbul is minor. He says that he found an solution to save Bulbul’s life. He argues with her. Meanwhile, Bulbul wakes up. She notices that her dress was changed. She asks Veer whom changed her dress? She scolds him and blabbers that he shouldn’t touch her till 5 months end. She says that it’s wrong. She lashes out at him. He recalls her words. He makes her shut up. He reveals to her that he helped her to change the dress. He closed his eyes to change her dress. She apologized to him. He says that she was looking down on him. He has a respect. He know to respect his wife. He says that she revealed her real intention to him when she drink bhang.

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Precap; Sulakshana reveals the truth to Bulbul

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