Mera Balam Thanedaar 4th June 2024 Written Update: Varnika falls into Veer’s trap

Mera Balam Thanedaar 4th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Varnika worrying about Bulbul. Bulbul comes there. She advises to her. Varnika asks her doesn’t she asked her to hide the truth from everyone. Bulbul says that she advised her to stay away from Avilash but she didn’t listened it. When it times for punishment she listens to her. Varnika says that her relationship will be over once the truth come out. Bulbul says that her relationship with Veer ended here. Varnika hugs her and cries. She apologized to her. Veer touched her shoulder. Varnika realised that she dreamt it all. She regrets for blabbering the truth. He asks her why she is apologizing to Bulbul. Varnika says that she feels sad for Bulbul. She failed to tell her that Avilash is a cunning person. Veer asks her if she hiding anything from him. Varnika lies to him that she isn’t hiding anything. She pleads with him to save Bulbul. Veer says that if Bulbul isn’t a murderer then he won’t allow anything happen to her. Veer thinks that he will definitely find out the truth. Meanwhile, Bulbul thinks that she shouldn’t insult the food. She can’t the food till Veer eat something. Shanthi asks her to stop her drama and eat something.

Bulbul says to the prisoner that she can help her to get rid of her pain. Later, Drishti says to Sulakshana that she is aware she don’t like to take Bulbul name in this house. But it’s important to take her out in a bail. No one is aware that Bulbul is in jail. When they came to know about it they will make fun of them. She will take her out in a bail. Sulakshana nodded to her. Kaveri says that she is trying to save their reputation but Bulbul ruined their name. Drishti thinks that she is doing everything to come back to Veer’s life. She won’t be fail this time. Later, Veer returns to the police station. He notices the police officers and prisoners are watching Bulbul’s method to get rid of the body pain. Veer scolds them. Veer asks Bulbul if she know anything about Sir ji. A tea seller comes there and offers tea to them. Veer noticed that Bulbul didn’t eat anything. He takes the tea to drink. Bulbul agrees to drink the tea. She finds a chit from it. The principal warned her that she shouldn’t reveal anything to the police or else he will expose Varnika’s pictures.

Bulbul hides the chit from Veer. He finds out it. He stops the tea seller and questions him. He informs him that a stranger offered money to him to give this tea to Bulbul. He shares his identity to him. Veer thinks that Bulbul won’t reveal the truth. He have to make Varnika confess the truth. Later, Veer is talking with Druv. He says that he had Avilash’s phone in his hand. He can restore the details from Avilash phone. Bulbul hiding something from him. Once the phone retrieved he will find out the truth. Varnika hears it all and thinks that he shouldn’t find out the truth. She throws the phone down in anger and try to destroy it. Veer turns on the light and catch her red-handed. He confronts her. He says that Bulbul is innocent. He finds out it through his investigation. Varnika confessed the truth to him. Veer complaints that they didn’t believe him. He takes her to the police station. He brings Bulbul there. Varnika hugs her and cries. Bulbul asks her to stop crying or else Veer will find out the truth. Veer says that he already knew the truth.

Episode end

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